Voice of Reason

c/o Stefan Muench

Dreihalde 15

73527 Hussenhofen






As long as I can remember, I was interested in music. It probably started in 1985, when I got a cassette by Austrian popstar Falco (r.i.p.) that was called 'Falco 3' on my birthday. Since then, I never stopped listening to music. I do not listen just to one type of music, there are so many bands and styles that I love, but faves are for sure styles such as hardcore, emo, punkrock and (old school) death metal.

When the death metal scene stepped out of the complete underground way back in the late 80s / early 90s I was completely hooked on that sound bands like Entombed, Morbid Angel or Autopsy created, and I contributed to some death metal zines friends of mine did, but I always wanted to do something of that kind on my own.

A couple of years later, in 1998 to be precise, when almost anyone I knew had stopped doing zines, I found a flyer on a Better than a 1000 gig that announced a webzine and that needed contributors. So I got in contact with the guy who did that mag and wrote some stuff for that zine. After a while I thought that the direction of this mag wasn't the same that I was into, so I decided to do a zine on my own.

After I graduated from university in the year 2000 I bought myself a new computer and decided to get an online zine on the way. Well, that's just what happened. So this is the story. I guess it's not that fascinating, but aren't these simple things great in one way or another?


I want to say a big 'thank you' or just 'hello, how are things going' to some people that really helped me out a bunch:

God; my parents and my sister Julia; Vique and Bob from Revelation for all their help; everyone in the Cable Car Theory (you guys rule!); Chuck (Deep Elm Records); Jeff (Smorgasbord Records); Dana & Moritz & Gordeon Music; Birger (Good Life); Alex & Jörg & Starkult; Gary (Puresome Productions); Ellen; Daryl and Snapcase; Chris and Hot Water Music; Sean and John & By A Thread; Jeff Gameface; Diane, Bruce and Hollister (hope to see you again in the future!); Pete Finestone for letting me sing 'Along the way' in 1997; Gordon Polk; all the my friends from Tübingen university (Jörg L., Silke, Dieter, Aline, Steffen, TobiXEdge, Stefan, Alex, Jan); Heiko, Maik; Marco; XmarcX; Chris @ Keep the Faith; Roger Vulture; Treva; Greg Graffin; Greg Hetson; Jay Ziskrout; Mr. Brett for coming back to Bad Religion, Brooks Wackermann for kicking Bobby Schayer's ass; Oli (ex Ambrose); all my friends from Karlsruhe; Frank from Munich; all the bands I grew up with - too many to mention; the straight edge; and anyone I forgot, sign here: