Schorndorf (Germany), September 8th 2000, JuZe Hammerschlag


After a long break there was a real cool show again. Now don’t get me wrong, of course there were some shows during the summer, but not as much as I would have expected and not with bands that I really would have liked seeing. But this time Grade and Ensign showed up and that was reason enough to go see them, also because Cataract from Switzerland played, too, and I like their new album ‘Golem’ very much.

Cataract was the first band on the set, but unfortunately I didn’t get to see them as I did an interview with Tim from Ensign during their set. But what I heard from people was that they really rocked and played a lot of new songs. Hopefully next time I’ll catch them on stage…

Bobby Peru were next, but again it was time for an interview, this time with Cataract (by the way, you can check out both interviews on the website you trust, hehe), so I also missed this German band. But apparently they did a good job, at least that’s what I heard from people who saw their gig.

The interview was finished right in time, because when we stopped Ensign started playing. And they were great. Lots of energy from he stage. Sadly there were not that many people in front of the stage. Don’t get me wrong, about 200 people showed up, but somehow there was enough empty space in front of the stage. But apart from that it was a cool show by these nice guys, even though they didn’t play my favourite song “Where did we go wrong”. Hey Tim, I’m still angry, haha.

After Ensign went off stage it was time for Grade from Canada. Now more people were watching their set and they really did a good job. They played lots of songs from their last album, but also some older stuff. They’re not my favourite band or something, but live they really kicked ass and their set was very entertaining.

All in all a cool evening with lots of nice people.

Pictures from both bands coming soon! 

(Stefan Münch)