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Bands Labels Zines Other Stuff
A Day Before Sunrise -- Emo from Germany Deep Elm -- Sound. Spirit. Fury. Fire. fRkmagazine
All -- No need to introduce the masters, right? Good Life Recordings -- Hardcore from Belgium Helldriver German Samiam Site
Boy Sets Fire -- You all know them, you all love them Owned & Operated -- All/Descendent's very own Indication Dan Seagrave -- The master of Death Metal artwork
By A Thread -- Great emotional Hardcore from Vancouver Puresome Productions -- Swedish Indie label Keep the Faith
Cataract -- The Swiss MetalCore war machine Revelation -- Some of the best records ever Louder than Words
Dead 50s -- Punk'n'Roll on Smorgasbord Rewika Records -- Fine stuff from Germany Souhtside Community
Die By Design -- MetalCore from Switzerland Rockstar Records -- Punk Rock label from Germany Trust
Down By Law -- Still here after all these years Smorgasbord -- Run by Jeff from Up Front Waste of Mind
Drown in Frustration -- New School Hardcore from Germany Strange Fruit -- One of Germany's finest With Heart and Soul
Elliott -- Sadly they've split up, but their site is still up Striving for Togetherness Records -- One of the oldest European Hardcore labels XembraceX
Entombed -- The originators of Swedish Death Metal Sweet Science -- Indie label from the US
Gameface -- A split I regret very much
Hot Water Music -- Anyone who doesn't know them?
Jimmy Eat World -- Still one of my faves
Morning Before -- Emo with female vocals
Poisoned Child
Snapcase -- Forerunners of New School Hardcore
Thulium -- One man Alternative Rock
Up Front -- Old School sXe heroes