August 4


Some news from Startrecks Records: "People have mailed me from ALL Scandinavian countries, Germany, Brasil, US and more...I know that everything I set out to do looks huge but actually I was faking it a bit. It's a concert (arranged by Parkteatern and Luger) with Christian Kjellvander and Kristofer Åström (both solo) with free entrance. In a park called Vitabergsparken located in Södermalm (Stockholm). But as people are travelling that far and you all trust me that I will give you a full Startracks injection that day.......I'm your man!" There will be a party right after the show. At MONDO (also located in Södermalm) 22-03 with Startracks bands, DJ's and a chance to get my autograph. No free stuff, tickets will be on sale from next week as well as the line up for the evening. See you there or remain a friend of the Burning Heart cheesy stuff...


He is back from the states and the support shows with The Cardigans. A huge success which has lead him to a deal and the "Songs from a two-room chapel" will now finally be released in France/Spain in October and the UK in November. In the very beginning of 2005 it will see it's US release.


14 Tracks with his Hidden Truck has been laid down and are now awaiting to be mixed.


Gustaf Kjellvander are just about to record some new solo more acoustic tracks for a special EP that will be out in September, will only be available at shows and the Startracks store. He/they will be touring a lot more this fall. With band and Gustaf solo.

Will have a new album out on the German label Strange Fruit in October. Startracks / Sound Pollution will help out with the Scandinavian distribution.


Hailing from Allentown, PA and featuring ex-members of ACROSS FIVE APRILS and DRAWN FROM WITHIN, THE NINE ORDERS OF ANGELS have signed to United Edge Records. The band's blend of hardcore and post-hardcore, with plenty of heaviness, has been impressing audiences throughout Pennsylvania and gained the attention of United Edge. THE NINE ORDERS OF ANGELS will be recording their debut release in the near future, with more information coming soon.


Chicago's DAKOTA/DAKOTA has broken up for undisclosed reasons. Two of the band's members will be starting a new band though with former RIDDLE OF STEEL drummer Dave Turncratz. Watch for their new material to pop up in the near future.


FORDIRELIFESAKE founding member Brian Southall has left the band to instead drum full-time for Canada's BOYS NIGHT OUT. FORDIRELIFESAKE will continue to play without Southall, but are currently looking for a replacement. Those interested can email for more information.


One of the most anticipated forthcoming releases from Eulogy Recordings, the upcoming full length from THE WARRIORS, is nearly finished. The band is now putting the final touches on the recording and will be ready to release the effort in the very near future. An official release date will be announced soon. In the meantime, catch them on tour with fellow Eulogy bands ON BROKEN WINGS, THE JUDAS CRADLE, SHATTERED REALM, and BLACK MY HEART on the Eulogy Tour throughout the remainder of the summer.

In related news, labelmates NEVEA TEARS will be releasing their debut album, entitled "Do I Have To Tell You Why I Love You," on September 14th via Eulogy Recordings.

Lastly, South Florida hardcore mainstays UNTIL THE END have finished work on their forthcoming album "The Blind Leading The Lost." The effort should be out in October or November. More information to come.


After many fans and friends alike throwing in their comments about the Indianola Records website, the boys have finally went ahead and had it redesigned and rebuilt. Now in a much more legible format and with more information than ever, the Indianola Records website has been improved leaps and bounds.

Check out the new Indianola Records website at:



July 30


Derek Hess


In their constant attempts to continue helping the underground music scene to thrive, the people behind Strhess (namely artist DEREK HESS), the company responsible for Strhess Clothing and the recent Strhess Tour, have planned Strhessfest. Planned for August 15th, 2004 in Cleveland, OH at the Scene Pavilion, the festival will showcase both musical and visual artists of various levels of success.
Additionally, visual artists BASK, JAKE BANNON, ASTERIK STUDIOS, DARREN DOANE, DAVE QUIGGLE, TES ONE, NØKTURNAL, and AMATHIN, as well as DEREK HESS himself, will be exhibiting their work in the Strhessfest Gallery.
For more information about Strhessfest, including how to get tickets and directions to the venue, visit:



July 29


Let It Burn Records

Some news from Let It Burn Records:

"We have currently expanded our distribution network for a whole bunch of new stores, distros and online shops (full list coming soon). We have also signed a distribution deal with Century Media. All our stuff will also be available through them in the near future.

BRIDGE TO SOLACE – release date confirmed

The official Release Date for BRIDGE TO SOLACE’s new masterpiece is September 27, 2004. If you can’t wait until then you can either preorder the digipack MCD from our online store right now or buy it on BRIDGE TO SOLACE’s exclusive pre-release party at this year’s Ieper Fest.

UNDER SIEGE – new website and video

UNDER SIEGE have just launched their new internet presence! Check out On the website you can also download their video-debut  “Killtraitors”. Check it out!

THE CRIMSON DIVINE – record title

THE CRIMSON DIVINE (ex-ABSIDIA / MAN vs. HUMANITY) have announced the title of their upcoming record. Expect Satan’s new child named “End Times” in Winter 2004!

SCARS OF TOMORROW – keep on touring

Our beloved SCARS OF TOMORROW are currently touring the US together with Caliban, Reflux and Nodes of Ranvier. Check out their website or our tour section for exact dates.




Megadeth: Chat with Dave Contest
To celebrate the release of their re-mastered catalog July 27th, Megadeth is launching a contest for 25 lucky winners to gain entrance to an exclusive chat room with Dave Mustaine.  Sponsored by EMI, Abrasive Rock, and Fan2Fan the contest asks Megadeth fans to submit their thoughts on why these albums are so meaningful and memorable.  On August 18th, the fans with the best answers will be sent the information for a secret chat room where Dave Mustaine will answer all their questions.  By allowing only the 25 most dedicated fans into the chat, the winners will experience an event that is unforgettable.
The re-releases include seven albums from the pioneering metal band, along with a new, never-before-heard version of a Megadeth-related side project, MD.45.  "I have finally gotten to go back and make everything that I was hearing in my head available to the fans, so that they can experience the songs the way that I feel they truly are in my soul," says Mustaine about his massive project on Capitol Records.  "Some of the songs just didn't turn out the way that I wanted them to when they were first made, due to money restrictions, technology limitations and so on. I believe now that there is nothing standing in the way of what I felt when I wrote these songs and how you will be able to hear them."
This chat will give the winning fans a chance to learn more about Mustaine's motivation for the re-masters, as well as all the work that went into preparing them for release.  Fans will also be able to hear more on the band's new material to be released on Sanctuary Records, September 14th.
For more information visit:



Amon Amarth

Please note that the AMON AMARTH album “Fate Of Norns” will get a NEW MIX for the finished product. The mix on the promo CD is good, but not good enough for this high quality album! The new mix is a bit fatter and has more dynamics! Just to let you know - keep this in mind!

Good news from ROCK HARD Germany ! Not only that Johan Hegg is on the front cover of the September issue, AMON AMARTH also won the soundcheck! And this isn´t enough of the good news, UNEARTH ended up on position 2 and CATARACT on position 3. For the first time in the 20+ year history of the magazine one label has the positions 1-3 in the soundcheck. Congratulations to the bands for these great albums!

In the METAL HAMMER ( Germany ) soundcheck AMON AMARTH ended up on position 4 and CATARACT on position 5! Great positions for some great albums!



Striving For Togetherness Records

Some news from SFT Records:

"UpFront release cancelled
We decided NOT to release the UpFront "Five By Seven" 7inch discography cd due to some disagreement with Smorgasbord Records and the band concerning the booklet layout. We regret that this wont work out as we know that many people were waiting for this release. To make up for this we will distribute the Smorgasbord release in Germany.

Driving The Salt from Regensburg / Germany started in 2001 and after a brilliant demo and various live shows the band is now going to reach a new level. Compared with bands like Lifetime, Gorilla Biscuits and Trial, DTS entered "Gaia-Studios" in February 2004 to record 10 songs for their upcoming longplayer "the ghosts stopped watching". And the result is just a blast. Expect 10 finest tracks of modern hardcore
combined with the best of punk, emo and metal but never meant to miss the true spirit hardcore was once about. Political lyrics so damn honest and well written that sets DTS apart from the most bands today.

of DEAD MAN WALKING´s Screaming Past MCD is almost sold out. We kept a few copies for our mailorder. Send us an email for our complete list. our online shop will be added the next weeks. (if not, I guess I will kill our webmaster :-)...just kidding!!)





With an all-out-attack that no one can rival, headcount no one dares challenge and a message no one can resist, listeners prepare for the xDEATHSTARx. Eight members strong and three singers up on everyone else, xDEATHSTARx opened the floodgates in summer 2002 after releasing their five-song demo ep, "Beware of the xDEATHSTARx" in 2003. The energy of their live performance and brutal musical style has put them at the forefront of the already booming So-Cal hardcore scene. xDEATHSTARx blends the sounds of At the Gates, Disembodied, and Hatebreed. While the lyrics mirror their philosophy of positive living and heart-felt scene experience, their anthems are undeniably fierce, and so is their vision. This band is on a warpath to mark their place on the charts. They bring a vast collective of musicianship to create a wall of sound that will leave you ravaged yet uplifted.




DISTRICT - RECORCD RELEASE PARTY, TOUR: Am 16.08.2004 erscheint das neue Album "Don´t mess with the hard Punx". Zur Record Release Party haben sich People Like You Rec. und die Jungs von District etwas Spezielles einfallen lassen: Am 13.08.2004 werden District auf der Sagen umwobenen "Santa Monica 1" auftreten. Ablegen wird das Schiff am Stadthafen Dotmund, gegenüber des alten Hafenamts. Zu diesem Ereignis werden allerdings nur 70 Tickets zum Kauf verfügbar sein. Mehr Informationen folgen.



Some Records

Greetings friends of Some Records!  We've been away from your inbox for a while so there is a lot to report: Our new home online is up and running at our usual location,  Though not completely finished, the main functions of the site are working and there is a ton of new material to check out.

We've also got a stacked release schedule for this summer and fall:

June 1 - THE GHOST, This Is A Hospital
July 27 - THE NEW TRANSIT DIRECTION, Wonderful Defense Mechanisms
August 24 - WALKING CONCERT (feat. Walter Schreifels), Run To Be Born
September 7 - THE EXIT, Home For An Island

Our next release is the debut album from Salt Lake City's THE NEW TRANSIT DIRECTION, entitled Wonderful Defense Mechanisms, which comes out on July 27.  The band has been touring all summer, playing shows with The Used, Braid, Form of Rocket and many others.  They'll be hitting the road again in August and September.

The New Transit Direction's record release show is in Salt Lake City on July 30th at Lo-Fi Café / 7:30pm / All Ages w/ Form of Rocket

Take care,
SOME Records


For our German readers:

GEWINNE MIT DEINER BAND EINEN AUFTRITT AUF DEM KÖLNER RINGFEST! Eat The Beat Music und 11PM verlosen anlässlich des Ende August anstehenden Releases des neuen SOMMERSET-Albums "Say What You Want" einen Auftritt auf dem Ringfest in Köln. Interessierte Bands (Stil Punk, Alternative, Hardcore, Krach und Wumms) können sich unter registrieren - und mit Glück die Eat The Beat - Bühne, die einzige Rock-Bühne auf dem mit bis zu 2 Millionen Besuchern größten "Umsonst und Draussen" der Welt eröffnen. Info-Unterlagen können ab sofort bei angefordert werden!


Goodfellow Records has proudly announced the addition of SMACKDOWN to their roster. Hailing from the musical hotbed of Sweden and taking their moniker from the pro-wrestling show of the same name, SMACKDOWN offer a unique take on the hardcore style. With the incorporation of wrestling references into social critical hardcore, SMACKDOWN are like no other band around.

SMACKDOWN burst onto the scene with a self-released 5 song demo in 2001. The band quickly gained the attention of Coalition Records, who released the band's debut 7" in November of 2002. Having taken their explosive live show to basements and venues across Sweden for nearly three years now, SMACKDOWN are ready for a broader domination.

The Goodfellow Records debut release from SMACKDOWN should see the light of day sometime in late 2003/early 2004, with more details coming soon.


Playing Enemy

Hawthorne Street Records has proudly announced the addition of PLAYING ENEMY to their family of bands. Known for previous releases on Escape Artist Records (ISIS, 27, KEELHAUL, etc.), PLAYING ENEMY will be releasing their sophomore album "I Was Your City" via Hawthorne Street Records sometime in late 2004. The band has already made plans to enter the studio in August with Matt Bayles (PEARL JAM, ISIS, BOTCH) to begin recording for this release.


Lye By Mistake

St. Louis, MO's LYE BY MISTAKE are the newest addition to the United Edge Records family. Their intricate technical and fast metalcore has floored everyone whose heard it. Having gained much attention from their well received, self-released demo (named Release Of The Week by, it's clear LYE BY MISTAKE have a bright future ahead of them.

LYE BY MISTAKE's insane debut for United Edge Records should be out sometime this Fall.


Razor Crusade

Hailing from The Netherlands, progressive hardcore group RAZOR CRUSADE have joined the Deathwish Inc. roster.

To say RAZOR CRUSADE picked up fast would be an understatement. Within the first 10 months of the band's existence, they played over 60 shows, did a full European tour (with THE HOPE CONSPIRACY), and toured the UK two times. Their debut EP, entitled "Are You Wired?," was praised by both U.S. and European press and, though only an introduction to the band, the EP's perfect blend of infectious melody and hardcore aggression made a monstrous impact worldwide.

Their new album, entitled "Infinite Water," will be released by Deathwish Inc. this October (released by Reflections in Europe). "Infinite Water" is an awe inspiring and passionate collection of songs, calling to a simpler time, when band's wrote music merely for expression's sake. Evoking thoughts of their direct influences (QUICKSAND, HELMET, REFUSED, etc.) while still carving out their own unique place within the hardcore community and beyond.


Beauty To Ashes

California's BEAUTY TO ASHES, fresh off the addition of their new vocalist, have finished pre-production for their forthcoming sophomore full length. Set to be titled "Robotic Conversations," the new album will be recorded by Dan Maier (NO KNIFE, PLEASE MR. GRAVEDIGGER) at Audio Design in San Diego later this month. "Robotic Conversations" should see a streetdate sometime in late 2004.


July 8


God Dethroned

Here´s some news from the GOD DETHRONED camp! The band has decided to change the position of the second guitar player as well. Jens van der Valk is not in the band anymore. The new guitar player is called Isaac De La Haye. The new bass player is Henk “Henke” Zinger, who used to play in a band called Grindminded before joining GOD DETHRONED!

This is the new line up:

Henri Sattler - Guitars, Vocals.

Isaac De La Haye - Guitars

Henk "Henke" Zinger - Bass

Arien Van Weesenbeek - Drums

GOD DETHORNED will start recording the new album next week together with Henri k Larsson at Berno Studios, Malmö , Sweden ! The album title will be The Lair of the White Worm”. Here´s the songs the band will record:

·       The Lair of the White Worm

·       Nihilism

·       Salt in your Wounds

·       The Last Zip of Spit

·       Loyal To The Crown of God Dethroned

·       Rusty Nails

·       Sigma Enigma

·       Arch Enemy Spain

·       + 1 yet untitled song.

The album will be very diverse and the band will also shoot a video clip of the title track and film a studio report. The Lair of the White Worm” will be released in November, 2004!


The Red Chord

THE RED CHORD Update from Guy: "The Red Chord is back in commission! We have been practicing like maniacs to get things finished for the new record and be ready to hit the road again. So finally, we're hitting the road again in July for just over a month starting with Hellfest and then co-headlining the Radiotakeover Tour with Evergreen Terrace, A Life Once Lost and Fear Before the March of Flames. This will round out our summer and we will be putting the finishing touches on the 'Clients' album for Metal Blade and recording in late September/early October. All the RTO tour dates will be posted soon. We apologize for the lack of a web site. went down about a month ago and we've been having a hard time getting it back up and running. The guy who ran our server decided he didn't want to run a server anymore and it went down pretty abruptly. So in the meantime, for tour dates and all that stuff check out and we'll try to keep that updated. Our new drummer, John Longstreth just played his first show with us at a small gig last weekend in Providence with our good friends A Life Once Lost, A Perfect Murder, Misery Signals & Wasteform and it went pretty decent. Some kinks since it was our first time out with him, but we're sure that those will all be ironed out by the time we hit the road next month. Hope to see you all on the road soon."


Six Feet Under

Metal Blade Europe will release on August, 9 the 3-DISC-SET of the SIX FEET UNDER DVD “Live With Full Force”. It includes the brand new DVD “Live With Full Force”, filmed on the 2003 edition of the festival. The second DVD is the “Maximum Video”, until now only released on VHS in Europe . The third disc is a live-CD that also includes a brand new studio track! Here's the track lsiting:


-        Silent Violence

-        Suffering

-        The Day the dead walked

-        Hacked To pieces

-        Human Target

-        Feasting on the blood of  the insane

-        Torture Killer

-        No warning shot

-        TNT

-        Bringer of Blood

-        Amerika the Brutal

-        Victim of the Paranoid



-      Hacked To Pieces Backstage Version

-    Feasting on the blood of the Insane

-      Human Target

-      War is Coming

-      Nonexistence

-      No Warning Shot

-      Revenge of the Zombie

-      Bonesaw

-      Torture Killer

-      Beneath a Black Sky

-      Shortcut To Hell

-      Victim of the Paranoid

-      Hacked To pieces

-      4:20

-      Insect

-      Lycanthropy

-      Mass Murder Rampage

-      Brainwashed

-      Victim of the paranoid – Video

-      Victim of the paranoid – (Wacken 99)

-      Still Alive

-      This Graveyard Earth

 -    Bonus Footage




-        Silent Violence

-        Human Target

-        Feasting on the blood of the Insane

-        TNT

-        Victim of the paranoid

-        Dead and Buried (Living Life in the Grave)  – NEW STUDIO TRACK!!!



das neue MONTA-Album "where circles begin" kommt. Und zwar in der zweiten Oktober-Hälfte. Good to know about MONTA: MONTA ist Tobias Kuhn von MILES. Produziert von MONTA und Herwig Zamernik (NAKED LUNCH). Tour im Dezember.


July 3


Ba'al / Compact Justice? / Stout

Watch out for those three promising MetalCore bands. Ba'al's album "The lilith complex" will come out on Circulation Records while the other two bands will release their stuff on I.C. Recordings in the future.


Pointrock Music Publishing publishing sucht wieder hoffnungsvolle Bands aus den Musikschwerpunkten Alternative, Independent, Rock/Pop, Emo, Punk, Metal, etc. in englischer und deutscher Sprache. Schickt Euer Material an: publishing
St.Michael 8
49624 Löningen


Last week the band had a serious car accident! VADER had just finished up the first part of their European tour and had been driving down A1 towards Toruń ( Poland ) when the other bus hit them, throwing them out on the opposite lane. Cracked car, destroyed trailer, but fortunately the band, staff and equipment managed to escape unharmed. For more positive news, only a few days left to finish the work on their new album. "The Beast" is almost ready! While the band is playing the first part of the European tour, Piotr Łukaszewski is mixing the album at Studio Gdańsk and Jacek Wiśniewski is drawing the album artwork and other graphics. The album is going to be mastered from the 15th of July. Peter announced the titles of the songs, here they are: Apopheniac, By Any Means Necessary, Choices, Dark Transmission, Firebringer, Insomnia, Out of the Deep, Stranger in the Mirror, The Sea Came in at Last, The Zone.  The album will hit the market on the 20th of September.

On 19th of July VADER will raze Bucharest to the ground, playing a show along with VOKODLOK, TESSTIMONY and DEFILEMENT. More details at Warzone Agency website

Over 50 000 people saw VADER' s gig in Chorzów , Poland , where the band opened for METALLICA. Unfortunately, there were some technical problems, nevertheless they played a pretty successful show, containing a few VADER's classics: Sothis, Wings, Epitath, Xeper, Carnal. Vader: "We would like to thank to all people that made the show possible: Metal Mind Productions, Odyssey Agency, METALLICA's management and musicians. It was a great honour for the band to share the stage with the Four Horsemen."


June 24


Municipal Waste

Earache signs MUNICIPAL WASTE! Here's an official statement from Earache and the band:

"Hailing from Richmond, Virginia, Municipal Waste are the reigning kings of the New Wave of Crossover. Municipal Waste deliver blazing fast, raw thrash-core in the tradition of DRI, Suicidal Tendencies, "Animosity"-era Corrosion Of Conformity, Nuclear Assault,The Accused and Attitude Adjustment. All barely in their 20's, the members of Municipal Waste inject youthful energy and humor into a classic genre they were too young to catch the first time around.. Fast, furious, and funny, each of Municipal Waste's super-short songs is a memorable anthem to post-apocalyptic mutants, beer, thrash music, or all of the above. The band's dedication is deadly serious yet they are not afraid to bring the fun back into hardcore. Bashing out songs with such titles as "Thrashing's My Business And Business Is Good", "Thrash? Don't Mind If I Do", and "Drunk As Shit",  Muncipal Waste have earned themselves the tag of " party thrash". Rumors of Municipal Waste's awesome live shows have spread from coast to coast and across the world; the band  are on their first European tour  right now. Upon their return to the states, Municipal Waste will begin work on their Earache debut. Municipal Waste had this to say: "We're bloody chuffed to be working with Earache. Expect nothing short of a raging, toxic, high-speed thrash assault!"



From Monday 21st June, fans in the UK and Europe were  able to buy the immense double CD package 'The Serpent's Gold' from seminal doomsters CATHEDRAL . This collection, fully endorsed & compiled by the band, covers all of their time with Earache and at over 2 1/2 hours long it contains 27 tracks with 11 of those being previously unreleased.  In keeping with all Cathedral releases the artwork has been created by Dave Patchett and contains a fascinating interview with Lee Dorrian and a track by track guide for disc 2 by the riff-meister Gaz Jennings. Disc 1 entitled 'The Serpent's Treasure' showcases all the classics like 'Midnight Mountain', 'Ebony Tears' and 'Hopkins (Witchfinder General)' and acts as a reminder (not that you should need one) of the huge contribution Cathedral have made, not just to the doom scene but heavy music generally. While disc 2 - 'The Serpent's Chest', features tracks from the legendary second demo, rare live performances, three completely unheard tunes, radically different versions of established favourites and even a Witchfinder General cover version.



The limited first edition of the new CATARACT album “With Triumph Comes Loss” will include a bonus DVD! Read below for further details. All comments by guitar player Simon!

The bonus-DVD contains four different chapters:

1.  Live "Dance of Days Festival 04" - 26 min.

A choice of seven songs recorded live at Remise/Wil ( Switzerland ) 26/04/03 .

“It´s a variety of songs of our most important releases so far ("Golem", "Great Days of Vengeance" and "Martyrs Melodies"). It also includes two brand new tracks from the "With Triumph Comes Loss" CD! Everything is filmed with three cameras and recorded with a 24-track portable desk. This is the hard and raw side of a CATARACT live appearance. It shows everybody what to expect when we play live. This will bring the intensity of our music closer to all non believers.”

2. studio report – 10 min.

“Well, if you ever wanted to know the secrets behind recording you will get it all in here. Road movie style.”

3. The Collective 01-04 – 13 min.

“This is a variety of live songs recorded on more or less acceptable quality from shows between 01 and 04. In your face and honest.”

4. Photo Gallery – 1:30 min

“Approximately 35 pics that were taken all over the globe over the past three years. Stylish”

“All in all, we have approx. 50 minutes of CATARACT in its purest form. Everybody that doesn't know us yet gets a good introduction to the CATARACT-collective. For everybody else: Stay true and enjoy! With this DVD we want to introduce ourselves to the world. Live, raw and no fake bullshit. It's all real, its all us. Love it or leave it. It's our hearts and our love.”

“With Triumph Comes Loss” was produced by Tue Madsen at Antfarm Studios in Denmark . Here´s the tracklisting of the album:

1.  Killing Tool

2.  Nothing´s Left

3.  Vanished In The Dark

4.  Skies Grow Black

5.  As We Speak

6.  Godevil

7.  Fuel

8.  Reborn From Fire

9.  Saving Shelter

10. Hallow Horns

11. With Triumph Comes Loss 


June 23



On the 23rd of August, one of the most expected albums of the year will surface in Europe ! The second (first for Metal Blade) UNEARTH album “The Oncoming Storm” – produced by Adam Dutkiewicz of Killswitch Engage! The Metalcore sensation from Boston , MA already has a huge following from their EP´s “Above The Fall Of Men” and “Endless” and their first album “The Stings Of Conscience”. Plus they have played hundreds of shows in North America and Europe (they toured here two years ago with Heaven Shall Burn). This past weekend the band played the “Barfly” in London . The show was sold-out and the crowd went nuts! What a great show! Journalists from all over Europe joined the event and were all impressed by the aggressive and tight stage-acting of the boys. UNEARTH will most probably be coming back to Europe in November – more details and dates will be released soon!

Here´s the tracklist for “The Oncoming Storm”:

· The Great Dividers

· Failure

· This Lying World

· Black Hearts Now Reign

· Zombie Autopilot

· Bloodlust of the Human Condition

· Lie to Purify

· Endless

· Aries

· Predetermined Sky

· False Idols

As a bonus the video-clip of “Black Hearts Now Reign” will be included in the CD-ROM-part! The limited first edition will include the bonus-DVD “Live in Long Island” including interview footage, backstage antics and live-clips of the songs “My Heart Bleeds No Longer”, “The Great Dividers” and “Black Hearts Now Reign”.


God Dethroned

Dutch death metallers GOD DETHRONED will enter Berno Studios in Malmö , Sweden on July 14 to begin recording the follow-up to 2003's "Into the Lungs of Hell". Nine new songs are ready to be laid down for the as-yet-untitled effort, which is tentatively due in late 2004/early 2005.

In other news, GOD DETHRONED, who recently replaced bassist Beef with a musician named Henk, have been confirmed for the Occult Fest 2004, a two-day event set to take place September 3-4 in Hoogeveen, The Netherlands. Other bands scheduled to appear at the festival include PLEURISY, MORTUARY IOD, KATAFALK, MAKILADORAS , AS IT BURNS and MORNING.


The Crown

Here´s some more info about the „Crowned Unholy“ release by THE CROWN – to hit the market on August 9! As you know by now, "Crowned Unholy“ is a remake of the bands fifth album “Crowned In Terror” with re-recorded vocal tracks by Johan, re-recorded bass tracks by Magnus, a new version of the intro (originally written by Marko, now programmed by Janne), drum sound digitally enhanced by Janne, and cool synthesizer-spiced parts here and there, all programmed by Janne. „Crowned Unholy“ will be released with a free bonus DVD entitled “THE CROWN INVADES KARLSRUHE”. The bonus DVD is a full live show filmed professionally on their last tour when THE CROWN played Karlsruhe, Germany on the 24th of November, 2003. Here you have the tracklist of that particular show:

1. No Tomorrow

2. Face of destruction/Deep hit of death

3. Deathexplosion

4. World below

5. Deliverance

6. Blitzkrieg Witchcraft

7. Cold is the grave

8. Zombiefied

9. Dream bloody hell / Kill `em all

10. Under the whip

11. Bow to none

12. Total Satan

13. House of Hades / Crowned in terror

14. 1999-Revolution 666

This is a very intense live show. You will have to wipe the sweat flowing down your TV screen after the DVD ceases to spin in your player.



June 19


Bad Religion

Bad Religion entered the German album charts with the new record "The empire strikes first" at number 28! Seems like people know how a good record sounds like... The band's website is completely renewed as well.



Metal Blade signed newcomers Neaera. Their heavy blend of Metalcore and Swedish Death Metal is unique and full of energy. These young lads from Münster , Germany know how to crush an audience! Here´s what the band had to say about the deal: "It is still a little hard to grasp for us, but from today on we are actually in a contract with Metal Blade Records! Being offered a contract by Metal Blade was way beyond anything we would have dared to hope for when we started out! It is really great to see that a professional record label such as Metal Blade is offering such a huge chance to a relatively new band such as us. As much more are we overwhelmed by the fact that we now have the honour to speak of bands like BOLT THROWER, AMON AMARTH, AS I LAY DYING, CANNIBAL CORPSE and UNEARTH and call them our colleagues! Without the musical influences of all these great bands, we probably would not exist as a band .We are greatly looking forward to the future cooperation and want to thank all the people at Metal Blade for their confidence!"


Check out NEAERA in concert:

29.06.2004 – D-Bielefeld@Falkendom / with WALLS OF JERICHO and SOULGATE´S DAWN

29.07.2004 – D-Münster@Triptychon / with NARZISS and FALL OF A SEASON


NEAERA will enter the studio in the fall of 2004 for an early 2005 release!


June 1



Keyboardist Mark Royce has been fired from the band after failing to show up for the band’s recent tour of Chile . Royce joined the band in 2002 along with Robin Eaglestone (bass) and Zac O’Neil (drums).

“He really didn’t leave us much of a choice”, comments frontman Anton Reisenegger . “Two days before leaving for Chile , he just disappeared. He wasn’t answering our calls or text messages, nothing. Obviously, we went anyway, had a great fuckin’ tour, came back, and still no word from him. So basically I sent him an e-mail telling him he was out of the band. He responded to that, saying he understood. You go figure…

“That leaves Rod, Zac and me as CRIMINAL at the moment, but we hope to find a permanent bassist soon, and we shall carry on as a four piece, like it was meant to be. This doesn’t mean there won’t be any keyboards on the next album, but I’m really against getting a full-time keyboard player, because they’re always going to be like a ‘fringe member’, like Mark himself once put it. I’d rather use a session player.”

In other news, the whole sold-out Chilean tour was documented on video, with the footage currently being edited into a video clip for the song “Deconstruction”, which comes off the band’s latest album “No Gods No Masters”. The clip, which is being directed by Roberto Fuentes, who had previously worked with the band on the video clip for “El Azote” and CRIMINAL’s as-yet-unreleased home video entitled “Video Azote”, should be finished in June.




GLITTERTIND, the Norwegian one-man project featuring 18-year-old Torbjørn Sandvik, has inked a deal with Karmageddon Media sub-label New Aeon Media.

 Citing influences from folk music, punk, metal, hard rock and old national romantic art, tales and traditions from Scandinavia, GLITTERTIND will release their debut album, "Evige Asatro", on August 9. Distribution will be handled by Plastic Head.

"Evige Asatro" was produced, mixed and mastered by Torbjørn Sandvik during 2001-2002 (except "Norges Skaal" which was recorded spring-2004). Cover artwork is made by Skrymer(Finntroll). According to a posting on the project's web site(, "this album represents the work [of] a 16- and 17-year-old boy spellbound by mother nature and Scandinavian art, culture, tales and traditions..."



Dear Diary

Dennis und Martin, die zwei Gitarristen von Dear Diary befinden sich zur Zeit im Studio um ein Album ihres Nebenprojektes "Neustadt 21" aufzunehmen.

Geplant sind 8 Stücke mit Akkustik Gitarren, Gesang, melancholische Melodien und das alles unterlegt mit elektronischen Beats, Loops und Klicks.

Das ganze wird vorraussichtlich im Herbst diesen Jahres erscheinen und wahrscheinlich auf dem kleinen aber feinen Label "DerMeisterbetrieb" wo auch schon die "No 5 EP" von Dear Diary rauskam.

Das nächste Reguläre Album von Dear Diary wird im Oktober in der BluBox zusammen mit Guido Lucas (Pale, Blackmail, Scumbucket, Donots) aufgenommen der auch schon beim letzten Album dabei war. Dieses wird dann im vorraussichtlich im Januar 05 erscheinen.



Dead Man Walking

Their debut CD "Screaming past turns into silent future" is finally out now on Striving For Togetherness Records, the label that brought bands like Shutdown, 25 Ta Life, No Redeeming Social Value on the map and also worked with classics like Upfront (

The CD contains 7 songs of fast, pissed off old school hardcore influenced by bands such as Give Up The Ghost, Panic, Sworn In, The Hope Conspiracy but also more youth crewish stuff like In My Eyes or the likes.

Just in time for the CD release they also got some new merch available. This time it's shirts with a design done by no one else but Mike Bukowski who worked for bands such as Panic, Rambo, Shark Attack, Nofx and tons more in the past...
They will be on the road in Europe from July 23rd until August 1st. If you or any of your friends would like to help them out with a show please get in touch with them at or directly with their booker Stefan at Broken Bones Brigade (



May 27



Once again Falconer is up for a line-up change. Second guitarist Anders Johansson and bass player Peder Johansson are out.

“A big discussion took place after the gig in Motala (Swe) as we started to talk about the future of Falconer. Two camps quickly formed about the issue. The talk started to get more and more aggressive until it took an ugly turn as Peder started to let his hands do the talking, but luckily Kristoffer stepped in and stopped it from getting really bad. Although our intoxicated state of mind probably made the argument worse, it has left deep scars. After this incident the contacts has been very chilly with especially Peder but also Anders .

Karsten, Kristoffer and I believe that the tension will undermine the future atmosphere of the band if they were to stay. It's better to go our separate ways and let them follow their ideas with their other band Guineapigs. We don’t think nor hope that Peder and Anders have a different opinion about the decision we have taken.”


Stefan, Kristoffer and Karsten."

If you are interested in the job, please contact the band through their website




After a longer break Avery are back with new singer Johanna. Their new website is online, too, so check it out:



Cannibal Corpse


CANNIBAL CORPSE guitarist update from the band: "Guitarist Jeremy Turner (ex-Origin) will be replacing Jack Owen (who quit earlier this month) on our upcoming tours. It is too early to say if he will wind up being the permanent replacement, but so far he is doing very well learning the songs. Jeremy is a dedicated guitarist and a dedicated death metaller, as fans of his previous work already know. Learning 18 songs in less than 3 weeks is a tough job, and we want to thank Jeremy for working hard to get the job done."



May 26


Pseudo Heroes

After they’ve been getting amazing reviews for their latest full-length album “Prison Of Small Perception” last year, Pseudo Heroes from Tampa, FL are finally about to convince the audiences here in Europe of their amazing live performance. Unfortunately, the band has to experience disturbing problems at various venues here in Europe . Several show dates have been cancelled at short notice. It occurred that this happened due to Sam being also a part of Down By Law which seems to lead to him being associated with the conservative movement. A few weeks ago, Down By Law / Dag Nasty frontman Dave Smalley contributed writings to a website called Please read here how Sam feels about this situation.



May 11



Metal Blade Records has signed Metalcore band CATARACT from Switzerland. Here's what the band has to say about this:

YES, the rumors are true - as of this month we inked a worldwide deal with Metal Blade Records! We can tell you we’re so excited about it! This is more than a dream come true for all of us!

After corporations with Ferret Music and Lifeforce Records, this will take us much further than we’ve ever expected to go as a band. It gives us an even bigger artistic platform and opens up a whole new audience to express what we are all about.

From what they have done for us already by now, we can say that we can’t wait for the future to begin…Metal Blade is home to some of our personal faves like Cannibal Corpse, Unearth, Amon Amarth, As I lay dying, The Black Dahlia Murder and has been home for Slayer when they started off. So you can tell that we are very proud to be part of the Metal Blade family!”


Vinyl version on Dead Serious Records!

“We’re also very happy to announce that for this upcoming record we will definitely have a vinyl version, which is due to be released through the very dedicated kids from Dead Serious Records (! They are home to our brothers in crime Teamkiller, Sidekick, Zero Mentality, Bleed into One and more. We know those guys for years now and now that we are under the same roof we will get to hang out even more!”


The new album “With Triumph Comes Loss”!

“The final mix for our upcoming full length has just reached us and Tue Madsen at has done an incredible job. The first mix was already top notch (it blew away our previous recordings easily), but the new one is just killer, we hardly can believe it’s us. It’s gonna kill. These are by far the tightest and most in your face songs we have ever written. We can’t wait to have everybody to listen to it. The layout will once again be done by Frans Mettes of It’s gonna be dark and threatening, depressive and disturbing…”



Circulation Records

Watch out for these releases soon to come on Circulation Records:

Narziss - Neue Welt: MetalCore from Johann's (Circulation Records) own band, produced at Antfarm Studios by Tue Madsen (Heaven Shall Burn, Maroon,...).

Soulgate's Dawn: After their great demo these dudes finally come up with their debut album filled with Hardcore influenced Metal (or Metal influenced Hardcore?).




METAL BLADE RECORDS signs Promordial. “One of the best and most original bands in the whole Metal scene. On stage as well as on their albums, PRIMORDIAL deliver the goods. Check out their previous records, go and see them live – this band is magic!” – says a spokesperson of Metal Blade Europe.

This is what A.A. Nemtheanga – singer in PRIMORDIAL – has to say:

“We are proud to announce we have signed a world wide deal with Metal Blade Records. After thirteen years in existence this will be our fourth record label and hopefully our last. Some may find Primordial and Metal Blade a strange combination as we have musically relatively little in common with many of the bands on the roster but that’s what makes it such an interesting and challenging combination on so many levels. We had other offers and interest from various labels and it was clear to us we had to step things up with a bigger label . When we looked at things in the cold light the Metal Blade offer was by the far the best and it became clear to us that we were dealing with a genuine label run by Metal fans for Metal fans with a vast Metal legacy over three decades and not with one eye always on the profit margin. We hope to record our next (fifth) album during the Summer/Autumn with famed engineer/producer Billy Anders on here in Ireland for an early Winter release. We have a few European shows here and there before then so until then…vae victis”



May 5


Side One Dummy Records / Vans Warped Tour

June 6 the new Vans Warped Tour 2004 compilation comes out. Last year's version went into the Billboard charts up to No.20! Once again it's a double CD full of music, so watch out for it.




Some bad news: The MONSTROSITY tour is cancelled. Yesterday was the last show, the bands are already on their ways back home. Turnouts have been too bad, losing money day by day is no fun for the bands and not for the tour agency. (I can't understand why people don't recognize the class of Monstrosity. Instead, they go to some stupid Black Metal shows while real great bands go down the drain. I don't know... Stefan)



Cannibal Corpse

Here's a statement from Jack Owen concerning his departure from Cannibal Corpse:

"After 15 years with Cannibal Corpse, I've decided to leave the group. My heart just wasn't in it anymore, and it was reflected in my appearance on stage. Times change, and I just don't enjoy the music as much as I used to, and the only thing keeping me in the band was steady work, and the pay. These things makes it unfair to myself, my band members, and especially the fans. I'd like to thank all the members of Cannibal Corpse, past and present, for sharing in the conquest of an entire genre of music. I wish the band continued success..."





May 4


Cannibal Corpse

Guitarist Jack Owen has quit CANNIBAL CORPSE. "We are currently working with a replacement," the group write. "All scheduled concerts will still take place. Check back for a more detailed statement in the days to come."




After two records and countless hours on the road, Richmond Virginia's DENALI have decided to move on. The band will not be playing their scheduled dates on the Plea For Peace tour and have headed home after finishing their recent tour with Brand New.


An official statement from the band:

"Hey everyone. We would like to start this by thanking all the fans who have supported us, listened to our music, and come out to our shows. Without you, Denali would not have existed. Unfortunately, due to differences in the band Denali cannot continue in the current state. This was an amazing experience for all of us, but it's time to move on and try something new. Please keep checking for updates, future announcements, and to pick up the remaining merchandise. We hope Denali has meant as much to our fans as our fans have meant to us.

Thank you all so much.

We also want to offer our sincerest apologies to Cursive, Darkest Hour, Mike Park, and everyone involved with the Plea for Peace tour for being unable to participate in something we believe in and felt extremely lucky to be doing.

With deepest gratitude, apologies, and appreciation,





IN-QUEST has found a replacement for Sven in the person of Mike Lofberg. As the singer of the Swedish band 'Blockhead', he's gathered quite some experience and recognition. Now that he moved to Belgium, it seemed like he was the right guy at the right time at the right place. In-Quest will not cancel any planned shows and will play all of them with their new singer.



April 30

...SUMMER LEAGUE & EYELESS VIEW will release a Split-CD in Spring/Summer 2004! They wanna promote this piece of hardcore music with a tour. If you don't know both bands here are some details about:

SUMMER LEAGUE - bologna/italy

are an antifascist, prochoice, drugfree HC band and are playing melodic old school HC in vein of some 'west coast' hardcore bands and belong to the best HC bands in Europe. They have toured Europe 2 times and their newest release is out on EQUALITY RECORDS! Fore more information about the band please check their homepage
- when we were strong
- downfall of the empire

EYELESS VIEW - germany
.are playin' intense hardcore influenced by old school and also new school hardcore! EV are creating a mixture of emotional and melodic parts and rockin' pissed off hardcore! They have toured together with STRENGTH APPROACH & COMECLOSER in 2003 and have released different MCDs and a Split 7" on BOOMBATZE RECORDS! Their newer and upcoming songs will be more into the fast, aggressive but melodic old school HC Style like STRETCH ARM STRONG / STRENGTH APPROACH mixed with AS FRIENDS RUST or KID DYNAMITE! For more information about please check their homepage .

TRAVEL-PARTY: 11 people
ACCOMODATION: private/club - 11 clean sleeplaces
FOOD: vegan/vegetarian
FEE: covering the costs
BACKLINE: We will provide the whole backline!

25.06.2004 FR Wangen [germany] @ Juz Tonne
26.06.2004 SA Leipzig [germany] @ Liwi - CD RELEASE PARTY
27.06.2004 SO Bad Liebenwerda [germany] @ Station Regenbogen
28.06.2004 MO GERMANY [east germany]
29.06.2004 DI GERMANY*
30.06.2004 MI GERMANY*
01.07.2004 DO GERMANY [south germany]
02.07.2004 FR AUSTRIA
03.07.2004 SA NOVA GORICA [slovenia] @ Festival w/ shai hulud
06.07.2004 MI Caligari [italy] @ tbc**
08.07.2004 DO Rome [italy] @ tbc**
09.07.2004 FR Bologna [italy] @ tbc
10.07.2004 SA Milan [italy] @ tbc

Anyone interested in organizing a show for both bands get in touch with



STRENGTH APPROACH on tour through Europe 2004!
STRENGTH APPROACH is an European hardcore legend and is on the rise since 1996!!!
STRENGTH APPROACH [italy/rome - youth crew old school HC]
SIMILAR ARTISTS: gorilla biscuits, give up the ghost, kid dynamite

01.08.2004 - 14.08.2004

- total of people traveling: 7/8
- accomodation: club/private
- food: vegan/vegetarian
- promotion: posters and promotion in zines


01.08.2004 Viczenza [italy]
02.08.2004 tba [austria, germany]
03.08.2004 tba [germany]
04.08.2004 tba [germany]
05.08.2004 tba [germany]
06.08.2004 Lauterbach [germany] @ FESTival
07.08.2004 Leisnig [germany] @ SucksnSummer Fest
08.08.2004 Leeurwarden [netherlands]
09.08.2004 tba [UK -> london, canterbury area]
10.08.2004 Southhampton [UK]
11.08.2004 Hartlepool [UK]
12.08.2004 tba [UK -> london, canterbury area]
13.08.2004 Athus [belgium]
14.08.2004 Temse [belgium]

This well established hardcore band from Rome,Italy started up on April 96 after a long period of silence and lack of fun in the local hardcore scene. Year after year the band proved its dedication and will to set all its goals in spite of all the line up changes from time to time. The first Strength Approach release ever was on "The new season" 7" compilation released by Surrounded records and on the same label the band release its debut self titled 7".With this release the band reached a major number of people and at the same time started playing its fast,tight and melodic tunes here and there.The band name grew up soon and more releases came on the way such as a split 7" with Esteem from Florida on Keep It Alive records and its follow up to their debut 7" called "Keep the standards high" on Siton records.Before this 7" the band released an handnumbered demotape which marked the comeback of Strength Approach after a silence due to some line up changes.Strength Approach appeared on various international compilations on well known labels such as Reflections, Commitment, Back Ta Basics and lots more with good and positive feedbacks coming from magazines all around the world. With their brand new 7" called "Just leaving home" on SOA records and a new line up the band left for their first European tour on 2000 which took the band almost everywhere in Europe from Portugal to England.Highspots on that first tour were the shows the band played at the Evilfest in London with Vision,Length of Time and KnucKledust plus good shows with In My Eyes,Cro Mags,Merauder and Reach The sky. Back from this eurotour the band replaced the drummer and played some great festivals in Italy and before summer 2001 Head On Records(Formerly known as Cane records!) released a cd discography featuring all the stuff previously released by the band plus a bonus unreleased track. With this new release Strength Approach left for their second tour and this time they played more shows in eastern Europe such as the great Fluff Fest in Pilsen with their friends Endstand. After this the band went through a period of silence but never split up and finally the band came back. Year 2003 witnessed the return of this hardcore band with a new line up to prove they arte still alive and kicking!In this time Hurry Up records re-released their "Early years" discography with some bonus live trax and thanx to their friends from X6154X booking agency the band toured successfully Europe for the third time with Comecloser and Eyeless View from Germany. Before that the band proved their stage experience and wildness playing amazing live shows with Dead Kennedys and Youth Of Today and on July 2003 a new mcd called "The fall through my eyes" has been released in time for their eurotour. This brand new release features five new songs and represents a turning point in their songwriting. fast melodic songs mixed with mid-tempo parts and unheard vocals.this is the new Strength Approach trademark! This mcd is actually sold out but will be repressed soon by SOA records with a brand new layout and all those songs will be remixed by Don Fury fame. It will feature an extra video section and a full length is coming out on Hurry Up! Records this spring.

If you are interested in booking STRENGTH APPROACH a single show or a festival get in contact with with your possible dates and your offer!