André (Drown In Frustration)





1.) Statistical Stuff


    - Name:    André Bregler

    - Nickname:    There are some Nichnames I get from some friends but nothing special

    - Band:    Drown in Frustration

    - Birthday:    03rd of October 1973

    - Sign of the zodiac:    Balance

    - Place of birth:    Bretten s small city in the south of Germany

    - Occupation:    Student, at the moment I write my diploma

    - Residence:    Bruchsal, a small city near Karlsruhe. I share a flat with Peter and Thomas two friends of mine

    - Shoesize:    8.5

    - Colour of eyes:    brown/green

    - Colour of hair:    brown

    - Brothers or sisters:    Michael he is 25 years old

    - Girlfriend:    Anja

    - Pets:    ---



2.) Favourite Stuff:

      - movie:    'The 6th Sense' was a very good movie, but there are a lot of movies I like.

   - book:    At the moment I work on my diploma so I have not enough time reading “normal” books. I think the last one I read was “the beach”

   - animal:    guinea-pig

   - author:    As a teenager I read many books from Stephen King, nowadays I have no favourite author.

   - food:    Pasta made by my mom and salad

   - drink:    I love fresh fruit juices

   -    The Simpsons

   - brand:    x-large

   - actor / actress:    Bart and Lisa Simpson

   - number:    3

   - artist:    Richard Dorfmeister

   - flower:    My benjamini, sorry don´t know the English word

   - fragrance:    The skin of my girlfriend

   - best record ever:    Mmh, there are a lot of records I love. Gorilla Biscuits “Start today” or “Repeater” from Fugazi are one of my favourites.

   - stuffed animal:    ---

   - band:    Fugazi

   - label:    Defiance Records

   - song:    Caboose (Snapcase)

   - country:    Bolivia

  - straight edge band / song:    Snapcase. 'Nemesis' from Earth Crisis



3.) Various Stuff


- First and last record you bought :    I can´t remember, I think it was “Savage amusement” from the Scorpions or “Future world” from Pretty Maids.

- Idol of your childhood / teenage years / nowadays:   When I went to kindergarten there was Mrs. Reuchle my nurse, as a teenager maybe George Michael because of his haircut and nowadays I want to be ugly like Michael Schumacher especially his ugly chin. No at the moment I have no idol

- As a child what did you want to be when you're grown up?   Owner of a pony farm.

- Favourite toy when you were a child:   My remote controlled car and the playmobil horses.

- Name any 3 persons (alive/dead) that you'd love to meet :   Adolf Hitler to cut his balls, my dead grandfather to thank him and say goodbye. That would be enough.

- Do you consider yourself a spiritual person ?   Yes I believe that there is God or something else but I am not a hardliner like a lot of people in the hardcore scene.

- If you were sent to a deserted Island and you'd only be allowed to take three things (anything, food/water is provided!!!) with you, what would they be?

o          my girlfriend

o          the stereo and vinyl/cd´s

o          a phone to call my friends



4.) Personal Stuff


- Your first kiss: When and with whom?   With tongue Kerstin Mayer. After a school party I don't know how old I was, I was around 15 she was a beautiful girl.

- Your first time: When and with whom?   Compared to nowadays it was very late I was 18 years old. I think it was during a party in a small city. It was in a park, cold … horrible.

- What do you like in particular about yourself?   Reaching the goals I set, reliable

- What don't you like about yourself?   Too busy, my fucking rheumatism.

- Where would you like to live?   Somewhere in the south where it is nice and warm, because of my back, maybe Brisbane/Australia.

- Do you like tattoos / piercings? Do you have any?   I like tattoos but I have not find the right one for me. Piercings I have two.

- First and last hc-show ever?   One of the first hc show was Bad Religion or Sick of it all in the 80´s. The last show was Jimmy Eat World last weekend.

- If a fairy granted you the choice between Sporty Spice and Britney Spears to be all yours, whom would you take?   Nobody, or maybe the money from Britney going shopping and invite her for a glass of juice.



5.) Musical Stuff

    - How did you get involved with music / sXe?   Friends and some guys from school. I remember they wanted to be different to all the other teenies, not hang around, drinking beer, smoking cigarettes and be cool in that way. I liked the sound and the bands and so I was infected.

    - Which instruments do you play?   I played eleven years trumpet in a choir. In our band Drown in Frustration I am the singer.

    - Who gave life to the Drown In Frustration? When was your first show?   Michael, Hilmar, Steffen, Ralph and Jens founded the band in 1996. One year later Hilmar quit the band and the guys asked me if I want to sing in their band. I had another band called “Kaiserschnitt 13”, it was a punk/hardcore band. It was a funproject for some me months ago I quit that band.

    - Who writes the lyrics and music in the band?   Most of the songs is written by Michael and Ralph our creative brains.

    - Releases?

1996 – demotape – drown in frustration

1998 – single “already fallen”

1999 – split single “drown in frustration/crowpath”

            2000 – mcd “the noise reveals what is real”

    - Who else is in the band?

Ralph – bass

Jens – guitar

Steffen – guitar

Michael - drums

    - What was the best and worst show you've ever played?   The worst show was a long time ago. It was one of the first shows from d.i.f. with me at a birthday party from Sevan in an old, big hall. The acoustic was that bad, you could not hear anything. The best show??? In the last time we only had good shows or a positive feedback, for some weeks ago we played in a pub in Luxembourg. That show rocked the house.

    - Is there anything you like in particular about beeing on stage?   Yes, when you see that the people had fun and move a little bit or shake their knees or something.

    - Anything you hate about being on stage?   When the air is full smoke of cigarettes and hot that you cannot breathe.

    - What are the bands plans for the future?   At the moment we organize a mini tour from the 03rd till 14th April in England, the Netherlands and the north of Germany. When everything will work out we will go to a studio in summer to release a full length with our new chartbreakers.

    - In case you can think of a good closing statement feel free to tell the world.    Support and watch out for d.i.f.