Chris Higdon (Elliott)





1.) Statistical Stuff

    name:     Christopher John Higdon

    Nickname:     wet alien baby

    band:     Elliott

    birthday:     03 28 74

    sign of the zodiac:    Aries

    place of birth:     Louisville, KY

    Occupation:     anything to get by

    residence:     Louisville KY

    Shoe size:     Little foot size 8

    eyes:     blue

    hair:     very little blonde

    siblings:     none

    girlfriend:     none

    pets: Sugar, a beautiful American Staffordshire


2.) Favourite Stuff


    movie: (recent) Polock

    book:     Hunger Artist

    animal:     mule

    author:     Hemingway

    food:     middle eastern

    drink:     coffee

    TV show:     Siffel and Ollie

    brand:     diesel

    actor:     Ed Harris

    number:     47

    artist:     klimt

    flower:     sunflower

    fragrance:     fresh honey suckle

    best record ever:     the white album

    stuffed animal:     anything that's a monkey

    band:     too many

    label:     dischord

    song:     too many

    country:     United States of America (for now)

    straight edge band / song:     minor threat / all


3.) Various Stuff

    1st and last record bought:     Quiet Riot / Deltron3030

    idols of your childhood / teenage years / nowadays:     aqua man / Bruce Lee / Steve McQueen

    What did you want to be when you were a child?     famous

    favorite toy when you were a little kid:     a stuffed blue donkey

    3 people you would love to meet:     Frank Sinatra, Ghandi, Julia Roberts

    Would you say you're a spiritual person?     some what

    3 things to take on a deserted island:     a full tool box, a pillow, a blanket



4.) Personal Stuff


    1st kiss:     13, I don't kiss and tell

    1st time: 15, same as above

    What do you like in particular about yourself?     I keep trying

    What do you dislike in particular about yourself?     I fail a lot

    Where would you like to live?     by water

    Do you like tattoos?     I like large pieces / complete works. Do you have any?     no




5.) Musical Stuff


   first and last HC show:     Endpoint / Kinghorse. Last HC show? I don't know what HC is anymore

    If you could choose between Sporty Spice or Britney Spears, who would you take?    Britney Spears but she couldn't talk to me and would have to go brunette

    How did you get involved with music / sXe?     my friend Matt Loeser

    Which instrument(s) do you play?    Guitar

    Who gave life to Elliott?     I have no idea

    Who writes the lyrics in Elliott?     I write the lyrics in the band

    Releases? In transit 7",US Songs, If they Do 7", Will You 7", False Cathedrals

    Who else is in Elliott?    Benny Clark, Jason Skaggs, Kevin Ratterman

    What was the best and worst show you've ever played?    Best Show: Buffalo. Worst show: Boston

    What do you like about being on stage?     the energy and connection

    What do you dislike about being on stage?     when it's not there

    Future plans?     We plan on continuing to tour and record an EP this summer. We just want to keep pushing ourselves beyond what we expect.

   Any final words?   Thanks I hope this worked out sorry it took so long. Chris.