Hans (Liar)





1.) Statistical Stuff


        Name:    Hans

      Band:    LIAR

      Birthday:    November 28

      Sign of the zodiac:     Sagittarius

      Place of birth:     Kortrijk

      Occupation:     work

      Residence:    Kortrijk

      Shoesize:     42 (9)

      Colour of eyes:    Green-brown

      Colour of hair:     darkbrown

      Brothers or sisters:     Sister

      Girlfriend:     Yes

      Pets:    2 cats


2.) Favourite Stuff


- movie:     any mob movie

- book:     H. Rollins

- animal:     snake

- author:     none

- food:     all sweet-sour vegan food.

- drink:     Coffee

- t.v.show:     Currently 'The Sopranos'

- brand:     Volcom

- actor / actress:     Actor: Deniro, Actress: Catherine Zeta Jones.

- number:     7

- artist:     King Diamond

- flower:     white rose

- best record ever:     too difficult.

- stuffed animal:     My teddy-bear from when i was a kid.

- band:     Too many

- label:     Trustkill

- song:     'Mother' (Danzig)

- country:     Norway

- straigth edge band / song :    Youth Of today



3.) Various Stuff


             First and last record you bought :     First- KISS 'Dressed To Kill'. Last - KYUSS - compilation

      Idol of your childhood / teenage years / nowadays:     Childhood-KISS..and then NONE

      As a child what did you wanna be when you're grown up ?:    A fireman

      Favourite toy when you were a child:     Star wars and GI-Joe-action man's

      Name any 3 persons (alive/dead) that you'd love to meet :     My grandparents.

      Do you consider yourself a spiritual person ?:     yes

      If you were sent to a deserted Island and you'd only be allowed to take three things (anything, food/water is provided!!!) with you, what would they be ?:     My girlfriend,records and books


4.) Personal Stuff


      Your first kiss: when and with whom ?:     That must be 20 year ago, with the girl next door.

      Your first time: when and with whom ?:     :)...you're too curious here.

      What do you like in particular about yourself ?:     Nothing special

      What don't you like about yourself ?:     My bad mood somethimes.

      Where would you like to live ?:     It's cool here..

      Do you like tattoos / piercings ? Do you have any ?:     Yeah..i love tattoos, used to have piercings.

      First and last hc-show ever:    Don't know..

      If a fairy granted you the choice between Sporty Spice and Britney Spears to be all yours, whom would you take ?:     I don't like any of them. yuck


5.) Musical Stuff


      How did you get involved with music / sXe?     Fanzines and the 'break down the walls" record helped me to consider going SxE.

      Which instruments do you play?     Bass, guitar and drums..

      Who gave life to Liar? When was their first show? I guess i did early '95, that was also the first show then..

      Who writes the lyrics and music in Liar?   Mostly the guitarplayers.

      Releases?     -Falls of torment (goodlife)

  -'invictus' (Genet)

  -deathrow earth (goodlife)

  -liar's hell' (Alveran)

      Who else is in Liar?     uXj-Bass, Christophe-guitar, Matth-guitar, Bert-Drums.

      What was the best and worst show you've ever played?   They really do variate..

      Is there anything you like in particular about beeing on stage?   The energy that comes out..also the energy you feel from the audience.

      Anything you hate?   Assholes trying to ruin the show..cowards who are yelling in the back.

      What are Liars plans for the future? Releases? Tours?   We're gonna tour alot, and will have our new record out at this very moment.;check it out!

      Porn movies ??    Disgusting shit!

      In case you can think of a good closing statement feel free to tell the world :     Let's boogie!

      Check out Liars homepage: www.newbornfire.com