Ines (Kafe Kult)





1.) Statistical Stuff


        - Name:    xInesx

        - Band :     none, but I sang a song for the band / i /, it’s on their split  7`` with High Hopes

        - Birthday:     18.06.1978

        - Sign of the zodiac:     twin

        - Place of birth:     Munich

        - Occupation:     governess

        - Residence:     Munich

        - Shoesize:     8

        - Colour of eyes:     blue-grey

        - Colour of hair:     a darker blond

        - Brothers or sisters: a younger brother

        - Boyfriend:     nope

        - Pets:     none


2.) Favourite Stuff


    - movie:     Texas, 00Schneider-Jagd auf Nihil Bexter, das Piano, Halloween, dumme Zombiefilme....

   - book:     ‘Die bewohnte Frau’ by Gioconda Belli

   - animal:     Puh....I don`t know

   - author:     Franz Kafka

    - food:     Vegetable in any shape

   - drink:     Karamalz

   -     Simpsons, Al Bundy

   - brand:     lifetime for my trousers, Sessions for snowboarding

   - actor / actress:     Antony Hopkins

   - number:     24

   - flower:     red carnation

   - best record ever:     at the moment  Boy Sets Fire -‘After the eulogy’

   - stuffed animal:     none

   - band:     Boy Sets Fire, Caliban, Heavan Shall burn, Cave in, REVEAL

   - label:     Lifeforce, Hydrahead...

   - song: ‘My own way’ from Reveal, because it is so fucking strong!

   - country: don`t know



3.) Various Stuff


        - Hobbies:     Snowboarding and TaeKwon-Do

        - First and last record you bought :     First was Bad Religion, Generator. The last was, and that is great, I bought it blind, and it is so great!

        - Idol of your childhood / teenage years / nowadays: childhood: my father. teenage years: too many people who where "cooler" in my eyes, but every time I didn`t want an idol, I wanted to be punk. nowadays, there are a few people around me, who think about their life and the world around them. It is not a big star who is an idol, but people who you meet in your daily life! There are so many assholes and idiots out there, going the simplest way of life, but the very few who live on the other side, these are the important ones!!! People who are straight edge for a long time, and are not older than I am, that are idols too, because I can see, that it was nearly too late to realise that there are other things than to drink and go out in discos or to get drunk.

        - As a child what did you wanna be when you're grown up?:   a nurse for children

        - Favourite toy when you were a child:     my barbie puppets. Everything from Playmobil, Lego

        - Name any 3 persons (alive/dead) that you'd love to meet:   Elvis Presley, Wolfgang Güllich (the best climber of the world, but he is dead!) Helge Schneider live zuhause im Pott.

        - Do you consider yourself a spiritual person?:     no, not in any religious way, but I believe in humanity, I think it is another form of spirituality.

        - If you were sent to a deserted Island and you'd only be allowed to take three things (anything, food/water is provided!!!) with you, what would they be?:     the biggest book I can find. a friend. Music in any way.



4.) Personal Stuff


        - Your first kiss: when and with whom?: on a party which took place from three in the afternoon till nine in the evening, and we were all about twelve or something like that. I was in love, like a kid can be in love, and it was very funny, because I was so red in the face and I was so afraid.....

        - Your first time: when and with whom?:     it was only bad, in any direction, and I didn`t wanted it really....

        - What do you like in particular about yourself?:     nearly all the time of my life I tried to go my own way, and I think till now, I managed that very well.

        - What don't you like about yourself?:     I speak to much :-)

        - Where would you like to live?:     Perhaps in another city

        - Do you like tattoos / piercings? Do you have any?:      I can`t say I like it, I think everybody should like him/or herself in one or the other way.....ok, I like it when people are tattooed, for example, men who are tattooed on their whole arm or something like that......but if someone goes in the shop and looks something out a catalouge, and that was it, I don`t know if this is the right way to get your own tattoo for the rest of your life. I have tattooes on my back, and my leg has one......piercings, only three, I don`t like this very much, only these three.

        - If a fairy granted you the choice between Eminem and Puff Daddy to be all yours, whom would you take?:     no one of these two, thank you!



5.) Musical Stuff


        - How did you get involved with music / sXe?  First in the music....we always were in this club where they played "hardcore" on Fridays, it was the most time Crossover, and after a while I learned about the music, and I was always on concerts in the ballroom, but there was noone who were straight, this is a strange word in Munich.......then I met people from other cities and so I got involved in this straight edge thing, and so it comes one to the I am more on shows in other cities then in munich, but we make many shows ourselves, so it is ok. but if there were not all these people out there, I wouldn`t knew about all that.

        - Which instruments do you play?     none.

        - In case you can think of a good closing statement feel free to tell

the world.   I always wanted to try telling people what i think about this tough-guy   thing. It is the worst thing at a show if there are people who think they are the strongest and for no one else is space. I get so angry if I can´t dance at a show. We heard things like "hey, you pussies have to go in the back, this is a hardcore show " and something like that, I heard on the last show where i was, a guy took a woman and heaved her to the other side of the pit, because she was dancing in the middle......I mean, in what world do we live? It is not the case that there is wild dancing or something like that, I think, this is what I`m doing, too, on the shows, but I see no sense in beating the others up in the pit. It is fun, and there is no use for violent dancing which hurts people. So take care. (Well spoken, like Good Clean Fun said: "We're sick of all your tough guy shit." - Stefan)