Jamie (The Stereo)





1.) Statistical Stuff


    - Name: Jamie Woolford

    - Nickname: Jay Word

    - Band / label / zine: The Stereo / monoART design lab

    - Birthday: 11/15/74

    - Sign of the zodiac: scorpio

    - Place of birth: Luton, UK

    - Occupation: rocker / art direction & design

    - Residence: Minneapolis, MN USA

    - Shoesize: 11

    - Colour of eyes: bl / grn

    - Colour of hair: dark brown

    - Brothers or sisters: 1 (Ben)

    - Girlfriend: 1 (Katie)

    - Pets: 0 but most likely will change if Katie gets her way




2.) Favourite Stuff


    - movie: (3 way tie) "Delicatessen", "The city of lost children", "Magnolia"

    - book: "Occupation: Skateboarder" (Tony Hawk); anything by Bukowski

    - animal: cat

    - author: any Bukowski

    - food: mock duck w/ potatoes & broccoli or pizza

    - drink: sprite

    - t.v.show: anything on the discovery channel or the learning channel, the simpsons

    - brand: apple, sony, kenneth cole

    - actor / actress: (m) Christopher Walken & Gary Oldman; (f) Francis Mc Dormand, Jodie Foster

    - number: 15

    - artist: Bruce Naumann

    - flower: rose

    - fragrance: fart

    - best record ever: don't know but here's my top 10 in no particular order:

"Revolver" (Beatles)

"Sgt. Peppers lonely hearts club band" (Beatles)

"Head trip in every key" (Superdrag)

"Ok computer" (Radiohead)

"The bends" (Radiohead)

"Armed forces" (Elvis Costello & The Attractions)

"My aim is true" (Elvis Costello & The Attractions)

"Grace" (Jeff Buckley)

"The soft bulletin" (Flaming Lips)

"Tango zero hour" (Astor Piazolla)

    - stuffed animal: 0

    - band: beatles, superdrag, or radiohead

    - label: Fueled by Ramen, SST

    - song: "Pep talk" (Descendents)

    - country: UK, Holland, & US

    - straight edge band / song: "Out of step" (Minor Threat)



3.) Various Stuff


    - First and last record you bought? 1st 2 records: "Eye of the tiger" (Survivor); "Kilroy was here" (Styx). Last 2 records: "When the pawn" (Fiona Apple); "Parachutes" (Coldplay)

    - Idol of your childhood / teenage years / nowadays? (childhood idols) Eddie Van Halen, Michael Jackson, Prince. (teenage) Chris Miller, Tom Grohlhowski, Tony Hawk, Lance Mountain, Mike Watt. (now) Paul McCartney, Thom Yorke, Katie Riemann, Elvis Costello.

    - As a child, what did you want to be when you're grown up? rocker

    - Favourite toy when you were a child? my radio, my bike, my skateboard

    - Name any 3 persons (alive/dead) that you'd love to meet! Paul McCartney, Thom Yorke, Elvis Costello, Tony Hawk

    - Do you consider yourself a spiritual person? no, i believe in the individual

    - If you were sent to a deserted Island and you'd only be allowed to take three things (anything, food/water is provided!!!) with you, what would they be? 1. a huge, perfectly working boat 2. plenty of gas to get back to civilization 3. my girlfriend



4.) Personal Stuff


    - Your first kiss: When and with whom? 12 or 13 yrs old (Pam)

    - Your first time: When and with whom? 17 yrs old (Maggie)

    - What do you like in particular about yourself? my creativity

    - What don't you like about yourself? my body & my voice

    - Where would you like to live? New York City, San Francisco, Tokyo, London

    - Do you like tattoos / piercings? Do you have any? one tattoo

    - First and last hc-show ever? (1st concert) New Order, Sugarcubes, Public Image Ltd.; (1st show) fIREHOSE, Soul Reaction, Charlie Don't Surf; (last show) can't remember

    - If a fairy granted you the choice between Sporty Spice and Britney Spears to be all yours, who would you take? Britney Spears... but i'd probably wish to get rid of her after a few minutes of talking with her.



5.) Musical Stuff


    - How did you get involved with music / sXe? i was a drummer in the grade school band... but i started my first band with my friend when i was 14... we were called Sonic Society... we played 4 songs...: "Nazi punks fuck off" (Dead Kennedys), "Twist of cain" (Danzig), "Anarchy in the UK" (Sex Pistols) & one original

    - Which instruments do you play? vocals, guitar, bass, drums, keys/piano, tiny bit of trumpet & a little accordian

    - Who gave life to the Stereo? When was your first show? me & Rory who is no longer in the band...July 1999

    - Who writes the lyrics and music in the Stereo? me

    - Releases? "Three hundred" (cd/lp); "New tokyo is calling" (cd/ep); "No traffic" (cd/lp);

    - Who else is in the Stereo? no one

    - What was the best and worst show you've ever played? best show was our last show in Chicago... the Chi town kids are my favourite

    - Is there anything you like in particular about being on stage? playing music really well

    - Anything you hate about being on stage? playing music really badly

    - What are your plans for the future? work on new material

    - In case you can think of a good closing statement feel free to tell the world. music!