1.) Statistical Stuff


·      Name: Porcell

·      Birthday: Feb 3

·      Sign of the zodiac: Aquarius

·      Place of birth: Bronx, New York

·      Occupation: Musician

·      Residence: Boston

·      Shoesize: 9 ˝

·      Colour of eyes: Brown

·      Colour of hair: Brown

·      Brothers or sisters: Older brother, younger sister

·      Girlfriend: wife, Nitai Priya

·      Pets: No



2.) Favourite Stuff


     - colour: Blue

     - movie: Braveheart

     - book: Bhagavad-gita

     - animal: Cow

     - author: AC Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

     - food: anything italian (vegetarian of course)

     - drink: decaf herbal iced tea

     - t.v.show: Seinfeld, still

     - brand: Gibson

     - actor / actress: Hmm, maybe Robert DeNiro

     - number: 3

     - artist: Monet

     - flower: Jasmine

     - fragrance: kadambha

     - best record ever: 7 Seconds "the crew"

     - stuffed animal: my son's stuffed cow, Milkshake

     - band: Minor Threat

     - label: Revelation

     - song: How Soon Is Now, the Smiths

     - country: India

    - straigth edge band / song: Clear, by Bold



3.) Various Stuff


·      First and last record you bought : Kiss, Alive 2.  At the Drive in, Relationship of Command

·       Idol of your childhood / teenage years / nowadays: Frosty the snowman, Ace Frehley, my guru

·      As a child what did you wanna be when you’re grown up ?: A musician, I would play air guitar in my room for hours

·      Favourite toy when you were a child: Stuffed Gorilla

·      Name any 3 persons (alive/dead) that you’d love to meet : Krishna, Lord Chaitanya, Srila Prabhupada

·      Do you consider yourself a spiritual person ?: Yes, I try to be.

·      If you were sent to a deserted Island and you’d only be allowed to take three things (anything, food/water is provided!!!) with you, what would they be ?: Bead bag, Srimad Bhagavatam, my family



4.) Personal Stuff


·      Your first kiss: when and with whom ?: 5th grade, Ruth Bleasdale.

·      Your first time: when and with whom ?: can't say, my wife might get pissed!

·      What do you like in particular about yourself ?: Positive mental attitude.

·      What don’t you like about yourself ?: too demanding of others

·      Where would you like to live ?: Vrindavan, India.

·      Do you like tattoos / piercings ? Do you have any ?: I don't particularly like them, I have pierced ears and a couple of tattoos, though.

·      First and last hc-show ever :Millions of Dead Cops, 1982.  In My Eyes, 2000.

·      If a fairy granted you the choice between Sporty Spice and Britney Spears to be all yours, whom would you take ?: Neither!



5.) Musical Stuff:


·      How did you get involved with music / sXe ?  Listening to records, always loved music and wanted to be in a band.

·      Which instruments do you play ?  Guitar

·      In which bands did you play so far ?  Youth of Today, Judge, Project X, Bold, Gorilla Biscuits, Shelter, now a new band (no name yet).

·      Which one was the most important personally ?  Shelter (that's why I quit)

·      Do you hate it to be limited on your past with Y.O.T ?  No, I'm proud of that band.

·      Anything you dislike about to current hc-scene ?  Violence.

·      Do you remember the first show you’ve ever played ? When, with which band? My first punk band, the Young Republicans, we played before the Rocky Horror midnite show at the local movie theater, it was awesome, people started slamming.

·      What was the best and worst show you've ever played ?  Best, Shelter at Unisound in PA, my guru led the kirtan before the show.  Worst, any show on the last Shelter tour (whew, that sounded cold, but I'm just being honest).

·      Is there anything you like in particular about being on stage ? Direct communication with the audience on a very emotional level.

·      Anything you hate ?  Rockstar crap.

·      What are your plans with your new project ?  Recording a new CD in Feb, we'll see after that.

·      In case you can think of a good closing statement feel free to tell the world : Hare Krishna

·      Check out Porcells homepage: www.waronillusion.com