1.) Statistical Stuff


    - Name      Sri

               - Birthday      August 23

          -  Zodiac      Leo

               -    Place of birth      Australia

         -   Shoesize      6 1/2

         -   Colour of eyes      blue/green

         -   Colour of hair      blonde

         -   Eyeside (20/20 ?)      20/15 or 15/20 can't remember which, but it's whatever is better.  basically i can see at 20 feet what others can only see at 15 feet, but it's not that good coz i get tired reading coz i need to see things further away, but it sure helps with street signs.

         -   Brothers or sisters      2 sisters, 1 brother

         -   Pets     none



2.) Favourite Stuff


   - movie      husbands and wives by woody allen, also the matrix

   - book      memoirs of a geisha; rebecca by daphne du maurier

   - animal      lion

   - author      classics such as austen, dickens, dostojewsky

   - food      frappacino / cauliflower

   - actor      christina ricci, catherine keener

   - number      probably 7, 3, 21

   - artist      maybe gauguin, dali but i'm not an expert

   - flower      frangipani

   - fragrance      gardenia

   - best record ever      too many

   - stuffed animal:      i hate stuffed animals, always have, i always hope that no one gives me one coz i'll have to decline it!

   -  band      foo fighters

   -  song      ready to go - republica

   -  country      australia and india for very different reasons

   -  straight edge band / song      little friend - minor threat  



3.) Various Stuff


       - First and last record you bought    can't remember, maybe the queen is dead by the smiths, last one was the new ignite cd

       - Idol of your childhood / teenage years / nowadays    my dad / madonna / dave grohl all for different reasons.

       - As a child what did you wanna be when youre grown up?      air hostess [until i realized they were waitresses], musician, property developer - seriously

       - Favourite toy when you were a child?      matchbox cars and lego, i would  build towns

        - Name any 3 persons (alive/dead) that youd love to meet      i think the only person i want to meet is God, i want to know once and for all what's real and what isn't, if there really are aliens, is it only one life? etc etc. as far as people, i think queen elizabeth 1st was pretty cool i'd like to meet her and ask her what her life was like. 

peter lynch who is a stock market guru - i'd like to ask him how to  understand how the market works.  johnny depp coz he's smart and hot.  there are lots of very cool people that i would like to spend actual time with, like sister theresa or ghandi or whatever, but i think i'd prefer to be in their company/their presence rather than to ask them a question or get anything in particular from them

     - If you were sent to a deserted Island and youd only be allowed to take three things (anything!!!) with you, what would they be?      chanting beads and a cute boy that knows how to survive in the wild and i would live happily ever after. it is actually a dream of mine to renounce the whole world and people and just go live on a deserted island and live simply and naturally.



4.) Personal Stuff


        - Your first kiss: When and with whom?      when i was sixteen i think... i can't remember the boys name, adam i think. he was actually in the grade below me [i like them young!], not at my school coz i went to an all girls school. he kissed really sloppy and with a lot of spit and i actually didn't like it, but i learnt that he was just a bad kisser.

        - Your first time: When and with whom?      NOYB

        - What do you like in particular about yourself?      i really like my personality, how my mind works. i would definitely date myself, i'm worth it!

        - What dont you like about yourself?     the only things about myself that i don't like are physical and are due to low self esteem.  things that god gave [or didn't give].  but funnily enough what you don't like one day you can like the next.  for the longest time i didn't like being short, but then one day i had an epiphany and realized that not only is being short ok, i realized that i love being short!  so it's all relative.

        - Where would you like to live?      there are different answers to this question for different times, for now i would like to live in a californian bungalow at the beach in l.a., i would also like and apt in nyc so i could be bicoastal.  i'd like to live in australia too, i'd like to spend periods of time, say a month here and there in rome italy, paris france, new orleans louisiana and of course india, like simla, vrndavana, srinagar, kulu.  i love to travel.

        - Do you like tattoos / piercings? Do you have any?      i do like well done tattoos although i don't have any.  i love them on men, less so on women, i don't like them below the waist, i like pieces on arms, or three quarter sleeves. even though i do like them on women, i have mixed feelings about getting them myself, mainly due to the pain and money and then not being able to change it without more pain and money.

        - If a fairy granted you the choice between Puff Daddy and Eminem to be all yours, whom would you take?      Eminem, he's really cute, i'm not attracted to puff daddy at all, although i wouldn't choose either really because I don't think they treat their women well. my exboyfriend looked a lot like Eminem when he bleached his hair.



5.) Musical Stuff


        - How did you get involved with music?      music has always been a part of my life, i can't seem to remember a time when my parents weren't telling me to shut up coz i'd be doing bizarre harmonies to commercials on television.  So getting involved in music was just completely natural.

        - Which instruments do you play ?: guitar, bass pretty badly, harmonium, kartalas

        - Who gave life to Baby Gopal? When was their first show?    i started baby gopal with gayatri (Graham Land - Ellen) and our first show was in nyc with 108 and shelter in '94 at a club that no longer exists, can't remember the name of it, i thought we sucked but i've met people since who thought it was a good show.

        - Who wrote the lyrics and music in Baby Gopal?      i wrote all the lyrics to 100% of the songs and music for 50% of the songs.

        - Releases? Why on Victory???      coz that was the label that wanted to put it out, i asked revelation and they didn't want to.  at first evr did, but then they turned on me. tony at victory was very enthusiastic and nice.

        - What was the best and worst show you've ever played?      best show was for about 5thousand people at an army barrack down south, can't remember the name, fort worth?  not sure.  anyway, it was a radio show with matchbox 20 and a bunch of other bands and they had been playing a song of ours and the audience was all mainly army guys and of course they loved us coz of the girl factor.  basically it was like being rock stars for a day.

        - Is there anything you like in particular about touring? Anything you  hate?     i hate carrying so much shit, i feel like a pack horse when all i wanted to be was a musician. i also hate having to do the business stuff, taking care of the merch etc, but no one else in the band seems to take on the responsibility.  i love the family aspect of touring, i am so lucky that i have always been able to tour with the nicest people on earth, we don't fight and we become like a closeknit tight family. i always miss them terribly when we finish a tour.

         - What are Sris plans for the future? Releases? Tours?

Im trying to put together a tour for may in europe with a guy from sweden. it looks promising at this point. also i have started playing second guitar for shelter and we just toured japan and also sri played in japan too. that was really great coz i've also always had aspirations to just be a band member as sometimes being the one that does all the business can get very tiring and you forget the joys of just doing music.  so it was nice just to be a musician and not give a crap about how we're getting to the next show or have anything to do with the management side. so i was able to fulfill so many desires, 1.) to have sri play japan 2.) to play in another band just as a musician and 3.) to travel to a very cool country that i'd never been to besides a layover at the airport once. who knows, guitar in shelter today, foo fighers tomorrow!!!!!