July 2005 May/June 2005
Bold - The Search: 1985 - 1989 Balatonizer - Occlused in ottusity
Dead Man's Hand - Demo 2005 Broken Bones - Time for anger, not justice
Judge - What it meant: The complete discography The Comedown - Cat of the year
The Last Cause - Step Ahead E.P. Days in Grief - Behind the curtain of a modern tomorrow
Latterman - No matter where we go Driving the Salt / Static 84 - Freedom is a road seldom traveled by the mutitude
Narziß - Ebenbilder Ira - The body and the soil
Screamin' Silence / Last Day Ever - Amicizia famiglia per sempre Kids Go Free - Dobra
The Soviettes - LP III Own - The Nuremberg Trials
V/A - Rock Against Floyd Randy's Ripcord - Love
V/A - The new crazy Seanews - s/t
Union Youth - The boring years
Whitman - Anhedonia falling
V/A - This is Indie Rock Volume 2


April 2005 March 2005
Born From Pain - In love with the end ABOVE THIS FIRE -- In Perspective 
LOSA - The perfect moment THE ANTHEMS – s/t
The Red Chord - Clients ASTPAI -- Feeling Safe In Programmed Channels
The Red Death - External frames of reference CALLEJON -- Chronos EP
Six Feet Under - 13 DARK MASS -- Dark Mass Medium
ELEVEN MINUTES AWAY -- Arson Followed Me Home
ENIAC -- All That's Left Of Us 
THE GO FASTER NUNS – Under Neon Light 
NEAERA -- The Rising Tide Of Oblivion 
PITCH BLACK -- This Is The Modern Sound 
SETTLEFISH -- The Plural Of The Choir 
SMOKE OR FIRE -- Above The City 
SNUFF – Six Of One, Half A Dozen Of The Other (1986 – 2002)
TEARS FROM THE SKY -- Power Symbol 
WINTER SOLSTICE -- The Fall Of Rome 
ZERO MENTALITY -- In Fear Of Forever 


February January 2005
BLOOD RED THRONE -- Altered Genesis Broken Stars -- Starting with dreams, ending with memories
BOYS TRY BEHEADING -- ...Someone Call The Dentist De-Con -- A fallen angel's voice
BRAHMAN -- A Forlorn Hope Do Androids Dream O Electric Sheep? -- Adactapreface
BROKEN STARS -- Staring With Dreams, Ending With Memories J*A*N feat. UDSSR -- Donde esta la libertad?
DISTANCE IN EMBRACE -- The Consequence Of Illusions Kunn and the Magic Muffins -- Got Ska?
DO ANDROIDS DREAM OF ELECTRIC SHEEP? -- Adactapreface Mourning For Tomorrow -- s/t
GREY GOOSE -- 'Til The Medicine Takes Rise-Up -- Death inside
INTO THE MOAT -- The design Siamese -- Emergency brake
PRIMORDIAL -- The gathering wilderness
THE PROMISE -- Believer
RISE-UP -- Death Inside
SCAR SYMMETRY -- Symmetric in design
SHAI HULUD -- A Comprehensive Retrospective
SIAMESE -- Emergency Brake
V/A -- Leitwerk Der Modernen Idiomatik


December 2004 November 2004
7 Seconds -- Take it back, take it out, take it over Driving The Salt -- The ghosts stopped watching
Anthrax -- The greater of two evils Street Dogs -- Tale of mass deception
Champion -- Promises kept Strung Out -- Exile in oblivion
The Comedown -- s/t Toxic Narcotic -- Shoot people, not dope
De-Con -- A fallen angel's voice Red Blood Hands -- In the space of seven breaths
Driving The Salt -- The ghosts stopped watching Winter in Alaska -- Innocence we've lost
J*A*N feat. UDSSR -- Donde esta la libertad? V/A -- Punk Chartbusters Vol.5
Mourning For Tomorrow -- s/t
NoInfo -- Nothing till now
Thomas van Norden -- Straßenlaternen austreten
Remain -- Promo 2004
Reconcile -- July 20th
V/A -- Hardcore 2004


October 2004 September 2004
Andthewinneris -- The Judy and Punch Show Abusive Action -- Demo 2004
The Anti Doctrine -- Patterns of liquid red Bambix -- Club Matuchek
Caedes -- Promo 2004 Call Me Lightning -- The trouble we're in
Downgraded -- Confessions Champion -- Promises kept
The Lonesome Dragstrippers -- Pro modified Coalition -- The sight and the sound
Endstand -- Burning bridges Ear Extension -- Motion pictures
Fall Of Serenity -- Royal killing For The Worse -- The chaos continues
God Dethroned -- The lair of the white worm The Grizzly Twister -- Kill the autopilot
Hot Water Music -- The new what next Impious -- Hellucinate
Kenzari's Middle Kata -- When error is the idea In Battle -- Welcome to the battlefield
Me First and the Gimme Gimmes -- Ruin Jonny's Bar Mitzvah Kenzari's Middle Kata -- When error is the idea
Lock and Key -- Pull up the floorboards The Lonesome Dragstripper -- Pro modified
Nme.Mine -- These dreams of happy endings Misery / Toxic Narcotic -- Split
Sick of it All -- Outtakes for outcasts Outbreak -- You make us sick
Six Feet Under -- Graveyard Classics 2 Rusticate -- What's behind the fences of your smile?
Slapstix -- Promo Since By Man -- A love hate relationship
Spyglass / Eternal Tango -- Split Tetsuo -- Malmohrahkign
Starmarket -- Abandon time Vader -- The beast
Three Minute Poetry -- We're gonna need a bigger boat
V/A -- This is Indie Rock Vol.1


August 2004 July 2004
Amon Amarth -- Fate of Norns Beach -- 2nd Hand Cannibal
Brainless Wankers -- Consider yourself rocked Break It Up -- s/t
The Briggs -- Leaving the ways The Briggs -- Leaving the ways
Call Me Lightning -- The trouble we're in The Butterfly Effect -- Begins here
Cataract -- With triumph comes loss Damage Control -- What it takes
xDeathstarx -- The triumph District -- Don't mess with the hard punx
District -- Don't mess with the hard punx Downset -- Universal
The Heavils -- Heavilution Duesenjaeger -- Las Palmas o.k.
Jupiter Jones -- Raum um Raum The First Step -- Open hearts and clear minds
One Fine Day -- Faster than the world In Arm's Reach -- s/t
On When Ready -- Fueled Jupiter Jones -- Raum um Raum
Paint The Town Red -- Pt. II: Home is where the hate is Kill Verona -- Trauma
Paris In Flames -- A tribute to... Klez.e -- Leben daneben
PN -- The art of being we Maple -- Another side of maple
Rise And Fall -- Hellmouth Only Crime -- To the nines
Since By Man -- A love hate relationship Paint the Town Red -- Pt.II: Home is where the hate is
Sommerset -- Say what you want Paris in Flames -- A tribute to...
Tiny Y Son -- Conversation zero Rentokill -- Back to convenience
Unearth -- The oncoming storm Righteous Jams -- s/t
With Dead Hands Rising -- The horror grows near Rise and Fall -- Hellmouth
V/A -- Welcome to Circus Punk-a-billy The Setup -- Nine kinds of pain
V/A -- Rock against Bush Vol.2 Sommerset -- Say what you want
Tiny Y Son -- Conversation zero
Traktor -- s/t
Transmission0 -- 0
Yesterday's Rising -- When we speak, we breathe
V/A -- Livewire Records Sampler Vol. II


June 2004 May 2004
A18 -- Dear furious A Faith Called Chaos -- Forgive nothing
Age of Ruin -- The tides of tragedy Age of Ruin -- The tides of tragedy
A Perfect Murder -- Unbroken Ancient -- Night visit
Atreyu -- The curse Bad Religion -- The empire strikes first
Bad Religion -- The empire strikes first Beyond the Embrace -- Insect song
Blood For Blood -- Serenity Black Cross -- Widows bloody widows
Caitlyn -- Save yourself Boys Try Beheading -- Leads
Cattle Decapitation -- Humanure Brood -- Define content
Chelsy -- Unfinished smile Chaosbreed -- Brutal
Clair de Lune -- Marionettes xCherishx -- Demo 2004
Dead Man Walking -- Screaming past turns into silent future Clair de Lune -- Marionettes
Desert City Soundtrack / Settlefish / Sounds Like Violence -- Split Coffee Shower / Dependent -- Split by side
Downset -- Universal Desert City Soundtrack / Settlefish / Sounds Like Violence -- Split
Face Tomorrow -- The closer you get Down and Away -- Set to blow!
Fire In The Attic -- Decisions & actions Dynamite Boy -- s/t
Hawthorne Heights -- The silence in black and white Evergreen Terrace -- Writer's block
The Judas Cradle -- Too bad they're all dead Evolution So Far -- The armies of bitterness
Koroded -- The abused beauty of being alone Good Riddance -- Cover ups
Morrissey -- You are the quarry Heaven Shall Burn -- Antigone
Narziss -- Neue Welt Incapacity -- 9th order extinct
No Comply -- Long way home Insted -- Proud Youth: 1986 - 1991
Redrum Inc. -- Selfish blood Jawbreaker -- Dear you (Re-release)
Round Up -- After dying with thirst drowning is the greatest danger in the desert The Judas Cradle -- Too bad they're all dead
Thulium -- Unleashed dragon Maroon -- Endorsed by hate
U.S. Roughnecks -- Twenty bucks and two black eyes Martyr AD -- On earth as it is in hell
Morrissey -- You are the quarry
Narziss -- Neue Welt
Nitrojuice -- Dark room vernissage
Psychopunch / Windfall -- Split 7"
Razor Crusade -- Infinite water
Ten Foot Pole -- Subliminable messages
Thulium -- Unleashed dragon
Up Front -- Five by seven
V/A -- Rock against Bush Vol.1


April / March 2004 February 2004
46 Short -- Just a liability Albert React -- Confluence and scrapes
Andlat -- Mors Longa Allegiance -- s/t
Angercore -- Consequences The Backup Plan -- Dearest whomever...
Break the Silence -- Near life experience Burns Out Bright -- Distance and darkness
Cannibal Corpse -- The wretched spawn Calico System -- The download memory
The Cheifs -- Holly-West crisis Call David / Lie.Algebra -- When gravity fails
Cropknox -- Rock and rot Descendents -- 'Merican
Descendents -- Cool to be you Incapacity -- Chaos complete
Diatribe -- In memory of tomorrow Local H -- Whatever happened to P.J. Soles?
Die! -- I hope you die Losingall -- s/t
Dismember -- Where ironcrosses grow Modern Life Is War -- My love, my way
Down and Away -- Set to blow! On Broken Wings -- Some of us may never see the world
Evergreen Terrace -- Writer's block Picastro -- Red your blues
External Menace -- The process of elimination Shikari -- s/t
Extinct -- Nobody cares, nobody changes Subhumans -- Live in a dive
The Failure -- ...of reason V/A -- This is how I kill my tears
Fire Divine -- It's all a blur
Heads Vs. Breakers -- Apathy is the new black
Heaven Shall Burn -- Antigone
Insted -- Proud Youth: 1986 - 1991
Jawbreaker -- Dear you (Re-release)
Kate Mosh -- Life is funfair
The King -- Heart B.I.T.
Lock And Key -- No fate
Lunaris -- Cyclic
Maroon -- Endorsed by hate
Martyr AD -- On earth as it is in hell
Paint The Town Red / Rise and Fall -- Weapons
Picastro -- Red your blues
Sounds Like Violence -- The pistol
Summer League -- Supposed to trail
Ten Foot Pole -- Subliminable messages
Tobacco -- Tobacco saves lives
Together We Fall -- Drowned
Torchbearer -- Yersinia pestis
The Unfinished Sympathy -- An investment in logistics
Vehemence -- Helping the world to see
Vomitory -- Primal massacre
Where Eagles Dare -- To come from nowhere
V/A -- Bring you to your knees - A tribute to Guns n'Roses
V/A -- The Hope I Hide Inside - The Emo Diaries Chapter Ten


January 2004 November / December 2003
Boozed -- Seezin' the day Adjudgement -- At two o'clock
Circle Takes The Square -- As the roots undo Against Me! -- As the eternal cowboy
Criminal -- No gods no masters Amical -- Fill in the blanks
Descendents -- 'Merican Curl Up And Die -- But the past ain't through with us
Fleshcrawl -- Made of flesh Desert City Soundtrack -- Funeral car
Fragments on Unbecoming -- Skywards/Chapter II: A Sylphe's Ascension  Flux of Pink / The Epileptics -- Fits and stars
Last Days Of April -- If you lose it The Freeze -- Land of the lost / Rabid reaction
Monstrosity -- Rise to power Half-Life -- Global
Jupiter Jones / Springtime -- Split
Killtime -- Monsters behind the screen
Kitshickers -- Armée de l'air
Ral Partha Vogelbacher -- Kite vs. Obelisk
The Ripple Effect -- Demo Part I
Soulmate -- Revolving


October 2003 September 2003
Ablaze -- 666 drinks till death Big Collapse -- Prototype
A Case Of Grenada -- The evidence The Control -- Glasseye
Against Me! -- As the Eternal Cowboy For The Day -- Sofa so good
Amical -- Fill in the blanks Jetpilot -- Session with Him
Integrity -- To die for Lawrence Arms -- The greatest story ever told
Killtime -- Monsters behind the screen Matchbook Romance -- Stories and alibis
Kitshickers -- Armée de l'air Naiad -- Hardcore emotion
One Man And His Droid -- Party-people Negate -- Enemy
Rebels Of The Neon God -- s/t Friends Suck / World Down -- Split
The Skulls -- The golden age of piracy One Man And His Droid -- Party people
Slapshot -- Digital warfare Pennywise -- From the ashes
Strength Approach -- The fall through my eyes Sick Of It All -- Life on the ropes
Slowride -- Building a building
Sometree -- Moleskine
Strength Approach -- 96 - 2k1 Early years
Surrounded -- safety in numbers
Think.Try - Split with 4 Dear Life Corp. 7 Never Was / Against
Torchous -- Cut the plans


August 2003 July 2003
Avenged Sevenfold -- Waking the fallen The Assistant -- We'll make the roads by walking
Between the Lines -- Wake up call Brandtson / Camber / Seven Storey -- Split
Brandtson / Camber / Seven Storey -- Split Elektrolochmann -- Whatever the occasion
Bright Calm Blue -- A direct approach for casual conversation Gameface -- Four to go
Capture the Flag -- Start from scratch Garrison -- The silhouette
The Control -- The forgotten EP The Last Millennium Suckers -- Oestrogene overdose
Confronto -- The insurrection Me First And The Gimme Gimmes -- Take a break
Crestfallen -- s/t Monta -- Always Altamont EP
Eskimobaby -- In some June NOFX -- Regaining unconsciousness 7"
Fine Before You Came -- It all started in Malibu NOFX -- 13 stitches 7"
Flamingo 50 / Lack of Reason -- Split One Step Shift -- s/t + Chemical burn 7"
Gantz -- s/t Serafin -- No push collide
The Heartaches / The Agitators -- Split Slick Shoes -- Far from nowhere
HK / Pledge Allegiance -- Split The Suicide Machines -- A match and some gasoline
I Farm -- Is lying to be popular The Sunchild -- Stand together in this
Mara'Akate -- A significant portion of our their discography V/A -- Too Young To Die
Mara'Akate -- s/t
No Comply -- Mainly confused
On The Might Of Princes -- Sirens
Pole* -- Untitled symphony of self-destruction
Sick Of It All -- Life on the ropes
Stop it! -- Self made maps
Soulgate's Dawn -- Promotional Recordings 2003
V/A -- Bad scene, everyone's fault - Jawbreaker Tribute
V/A -- Too Young To Die


2003 June May 2003
Ariel Kill Him -- In the pyramid Chains in the Shed - s/t
Call David -- Elegy vs. tragedy Civil Defense - Enough
Crush My Calm -- Lies make life easier Day of Contempt - See through the lies
Dead Silent Days -- Striving for perfection Government Issue - Strange wine
Drive Til Morning -- s/t  Hamartia - To play the part
Faust Again -- Seizing our souls Rusticate - Reproaches and regards
Honeytoast -- Monsoon Sad Breakfast - Don't try to forget... that's why people take pictures
Lightsome -- The essential thing of transposing own inspiration is the attempt to do this Shai Hulud - That within blood ill-tempered
Miracle of 86 -- Every famous last word Threats - Demos & Rarities
NOFX -- The war on errorism
None More Black -- File under black 
The Party of Helicopters -- Please believe it 
Scorefor -- Just another version of truth  
Snitch -- Genuine 
Wedekind -- The end of my heartbeat 
V/A -- The Emo Diaries Chapter Nine - Sad songs remind me 
V/A -- Vans Warped Tour 2003 Compilation 


April 2003

March 2003

Belvedere / Downway - Hometown advantage Allgentle - Silly teats and little apples
Born From Pain - Sands of time And None Of Them Knew They Were Robots - Victory as a drug
Boysetsfire - Tomorrow come today Antenna - On the endless waves
Brandtson - Death & taxes The Apers - The buzz electric
Devil Ate My Son - Where ghosts roam Benton Falls - Guilt beats hate
Elliott - Song in the air Broken Down - Dressed like autumn
The Juliana Theory - Love Buck - Hello Holland
Morning After - True drama Costa's Cake House - 555
Never Face Defeat - Remember your heartbeat Dead Silent Days / The Whole Nine Yards - Split
The Poshblokes - ...and here's the forecast Dear Diary - Laughing ends like this
Repulsion - Horrified Dehumanize - Animi Motus
Settlefish - Dance a while, upset Dollhouse - s/t
Solea - Even stranger Estrich Boy - Frameworks
Standstill - The latest kiss Face the Fact - The safe place
V/A - Atticus ...dragging the lake II Falling Cycle - The conflict
V/A - Emo is awesome, emo is evil From Us - The hard world
V/A - Tales from the Winged Skull The Methadones - Carrer objective
Motion Coming To Rest - Wussrock
North of America - Brothers, sisters
On When Ready - Try harder
Opposition of One - I try to understand this
Point of no Recognition - Day of defeat
Rob & The Pinhole Stars - Greyskysmile
Sunday Driver - A letter to Bryson City
The Seventh Seal - Demo 2003 (+ Demo 2000)
Ultimate Fakebook - Open up and say awesome
Unbounded - Reviving
V/A - Deep Elm Unreleased No. 2


February 2003 January 2003
And None Of Them Knew They Were Robots - Victory as a drug The Bigoz Quartet - Leave the guns abd bring the cannoli
Backwood Creatures - Living legends The Break - s/t
The Cable Car Theory - Fables and fictions of the human condition Buck - s/t
Daycare Swindlers - Heathen radio Steve Caballero - Bandology Vol. 1
Eleventeen - In the air The Cable Car Theory - Fables and fictions of the human condition
Icons of Filth - Nostradamnedus Dark Day Dungeon - Let the sin begin
Jett Brando - Jagged junction For I Am Blind / Evolution So Far - Split
Manda and the Marbles - More seduction Highest Expression - Closed in a warm dream
Mondo Fumatore - s/t Maple - s/t
Permanent Style / Punchline - Songs for the unclean Never Surrender / Face The Enemy - Split
Trapped in Life - 12 icons Over It / Still Here - The sound of nothing
What Lies Within / Death Before Disco - Split Since By Man - We sing the body electric
Wiseguy - Burning the tracks Striking Distance - The bleeding starts here
Venerea - Out in the red The Unfinished Sympathy - s/t
V/A - Go-Kart vs. Corporate Giant 3 Venerea - Out in the red


Dezember 2002 November 2002
Beatsteaks - Die Wohnzimmer EP 4 Ft. Fingers - From hero to zero
Channel 3 - CH3 The Appleseed Cast - Lost Songs
The Heroines - Groupie Consumed - Pistols at dawn
Hot Water Music - Caution Desert City Soundtrack - Contents of distraction
Peakseason - s/t IN DK - Kill Whitey!
Pole* - Rebirth Promo 2002 Jesse James - Punk Soul Brothers
Pylon - 2400 Volts Morning Wood - Twice as loud but still on the same frequency
Running Like Thieves - The approval of the crowd Sentence - War
Seed'n'Feed / 7 Years - Split Snuff - Disposable income
The Skulls - Therapy for the shy Toxic Narcotic - We're all doomed
Springtime - ...of coming and falling V/A - Another round of Golf Vol.4
That Very Time I Saw... - The grand theft Waking Kills The Dream - Depending on tomorrow
V/A - Barricaded Suspects
V/A - 4 old Toxic Shock 7" EPs
V/A - Know your neighbours # 1
V/A - The mighty desert rock avengers


October 2002 

September 2002

Dark Day Dungeon - Know your enemy Adjudgement - Information fallen to rock bottom
Fear My Thoughts - Vitriol Chamberlain - Exit 263
Grave - Back from the grave Nerf Herder - American Cheese
Leiah - Sound and diversity Red Animal War - Black phantom crusade
Saving Throw - We're never on good terms with the light David Singer and The Sweet Science - Civil wars
The Miles Apart / Lights At Amber / Morning Before - Split Starmarket - Song of songs
V/A - Love it or hate it V/A - Hearts bleed blue - Deep Elm Sampler No. 4




July 2002 / August 2002 May 2002
A Common Ground - Seeing clearly for one moment Bad Religion - Broken (EP)
A Day Before Sunrise - s/t Gallery - Universe
A Modest Proposal - ...of memories and dreams Government Issue - Complete History Volume 2
A Radio With Guts - Beat heart sweet stereo  North of America - Elements of an incomplete map Pt.2
Burn - Last great sea Pitch Black - s/t
Dag Nasty - Minority of one Summer's Last Regret - Understanding
Daylight - Vague pictures of amazing moments The Sunchild - There she goes
Degradation - Homeward bound Universal Slave Driver - Undo
Dirtshakes / The Battledykes - Boy Meets Girl 
Groovie Ghoulies - Go! Stories 
The Get Up Kids - On a wire
Lewis - Even so
Logh - Every time a bell rings an angel gets his wings
Newborn - In these desperate days
New Noise Project - The difficulty of definition
Out of Season - The fine art to say f..k you
Pointing Finger / In Pieces - The distance between...
Red Animal War / Slowride - Split
Redrum Inc - Cure the pain
Scrambled Eggs - In need of some rock
Sonic Dolls - Riot at the sheep dog trials 
The Miles Apart / Lights At Amber / Morning Before - Split
Thirty-Two Frames - s/t
V/A - My Very Last Breath - The Emo Diaries Chapter Eight




April 2002 January 2002
Brandtson - Dial in sounds Eaves - Demo
Camber - Wake up and be happy Kungfu - s/t
Curl Up And Die - Unfortunately we're not robots Malakhai / Shanara - Split
Dear Diary - No. 5 EP The Plan - Only these movements remain
Fall Silent - Drunken Violence Seven Storey - Dividing by zero
Light is the Language - The void falls silent Slowride - As I survive the suicide bomber
Solarscape - Secret everything Suction - An image of fragility
V/A - The Emo Diaries Chapter Seven That Very Time I Saw... - Observing life through...
V/A - Deep Elm Unreleased Bo. 1 V/A - Emotional outburst assisted by technical supply





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