Reviews September 2005


Voice of Reason, c/o Stefan Muench, Dreihalde 15, 73527 Hussenhofen, Germany


AINARA LEGARDON - Each Day A Lie (CD / Aloud Music)






BLOOMINGTON - Kill The Rock Stars We Were (CD / Aloud Music)






CURL UP AND DIE - The One Above All, The End Of All That Is (CD / Revelation Records)

Everyone who thought that Curl Up And Die would become more accessible or even "easy listening" with their latest release is surely proven wrong with "The one above all...". Their second record for Revelation is once again a moster of a record. Ultra heavy and slow riffs/songs (e.g. the opener "An uncomfortable routine") stand next to short and fast smashers like "Ultra carb diet carpooling fucking life" (yeah, they haven't changed their style when it comes to the song titles, too) and make this album even more heavy and diverse. I didn't listen to "...but the past ain't through with us" much, but that definitely will change with "The one above all..." as this record really sets new boundaries for heavy and desperate... Hardcore? Metal? Music? Yeah, music fits it best. Produced by Alex Newport (At the Drive-In, Mars Volta) and mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side, this record will blow you away. Killer! (Stefan)



DEAD POETS ALIVE - Feelings Overboard (CD / Pampa Music)

Finally I found the time to review this demo CD by this young German five piece (sorry Tobias!). 10 songs can be found on this Demo CD (by the way, a "real" CD, not just one of those superfluous CDR's with hardly a cover) and the first song reminded me of an English version of Sportfreunde Stiller because of the keyboards that sounded similar. And also the rest of the songs somehow show influences by Sportfreunde Stiller I think (just like the title track). Apart from that you can hear that this band is rather BritPop influences which is cool I think. The band says that "Feelings overboard" is some kind of a best of of all the previous songs, and that's maybe the only point of criticism for me: I sometimes have the impression that the band needs to decide on which style they wanna focus in the future. But apart from that this is a cool demo and I'm sure these guys will come up with a more consistent quality sound in the future. (Stefan)



DESERT CITY SOUNDTRACK - Perfect Addiction (CD / Deep Elm Records)

I was really looking forward to the second full length by Desert City Soundtrack from Portland, Oregon as I really liked their debut "Funeral car" very much. And what can I say, "Perfect addiction" is more than just the successor of the debut. The new album is pushing the boundaries even farther than the debut as the piano is now definitely a "full" and equal instrument standing beside the drums and the guitars. I think that's also what makes this record so special, that the songs are really based on the piano without being too quiet or so. Recorded at Bear Creek Studios in Seattle with producer Brandon Eggleston (Modest Mouse, Pretty Girls Make Graves), "Perfect addiction" features 12 songs that won't leave your mind for a long time. The songs are driving, melancholic and beautiful and with an album like this, I think I already found the soundtrack for this year's autumn. (Stefan)


DRYROT - Godseyze (CD)

I didn't know that Dryrot are around since 1990! Apparently they started out as a straight forward Thrash Metal band and over the years their sound slightly changed. After their 1999 debut (wait a minute, that's nine years after the band's inception!) on SubZero/Zyx Music and a couple of more released in the following years, "Godseyze" is the latest self released output by this band. I don't know their previous stuff, but I would describe the music on this 12 song (over 46 minutes playing time!) album as a mixture of classic Thrash riffing, "new" Thrash bands such as Machine Head, some newer Sepultura influences and a slight Hatebreed touch. Even though I really like Hatebreed and classic Thrash bands (just like early Sepultura, early Anthrax and of course the almighty Slayer) "Godseyze" is not what I would listen to all day long, but it's without a doubt some heavy and brutal shit. So everyone out there who's eager to get blown away by some brutal Thrash assault, take a listen to this record (with super professional layout by the way). (Stefan)



ESTATE - Arson Architecture (CD)

Estate from Austria say their music is suitable for fans of bands like Killswitch Engage, Atreyu, Thrice or Boy Sets Fire. And even though I don't care about the first two bands that much, Thrice are one of my all time fave bands and (early) Boy Sets Fire are great, too (man, I remember seeing Boy Sets Fire during their "After the eulogy" tour when the whole club was singing along to "My life in the knife trade" and "Vehicle", but that's another story...). So yeah, this self released six song EP really appeals to me. It starts with a high quality recording and layout. I mean a good layout can't save a band if the music's crap, but I think you get an impression if a band takes itself serious. So layout and sound are cool and so is the music on "Arson architecture" which indeed draws influences from the aforementioned bands and in my opinion that's not bad at all as there are far worse influences. So everyone into this sound or these bands (especially Thrice) should check out Estate. I really cannot imagine you will be disappointed. Good stuff! (Stefan)




The name of the band let me expect a Gothic Metal band with at least one female bandmember but instead of Gothic Metal this German six piece is playing melodic Death Metal that doesn´t sound like In Flames or At The Gates. I think that´s remarkable. “Insuisight” is the band´s first release in five years and offers six new tracks including one instrumental. The first two tracks “Lamb of liberty” and “Flames await” are not really spectacular and like every other band IN BLACKEST VELVET are not reinventing the wheel. But then “Suidice Sun” starts with great riffing and is the heaviest track on the MCD. With “Bastard Show” follows the singalong track of this release that also offers some great guitar harmonies just like the next song, “Whorehouse”. The MCD is closing with the instrumental “Nothingness”, the first track that makes you realize that this band actually has a keyboarder. One negative aspect is that I´m not really into frontman Christian´s singing (Especially on “Flames Await”) although it doesn´t ruin this record at all. But well, that´s just me I guess. All in all everyone who is interested in a solid melodic Death Metal release should get in contact with the band ( and order this MCD. (Tobi)



LIPSERVICE - Cardboard Robots (CD / One Take)






LO:MUESO - Next:Materia (CD / Aloud Music)






NME.MINE . Life Without Water (CD / Eat The Beat Music)

The first thing that came to my mind when I first put on the debut full length of Nme.Mine was "distortion". I mean the guitars on "Life without water" have this special crunch you are hearing less and less these days. No wonder as the album was produced by Siggi Bemm at Woodhouse Studios. On their first full length (after last year's EP "These dreams of happy endings") Nme.Mine come up with 11 songs of Heavy Rock, mixing Alternative, Hardcore and Metal. Of course this is nothing new, but as long as the songs are cool I honestly don't care. And the songs on this record definitely shred, and I think everyone into bands like the Deftones etc. will definitely like Nme.Mine. The only point of criticism for me are the clean vocals that are sometimes having a little bit too much pathos in my eyes. Anyway, check 'em out. (Stefan)



NOTHINK - Bipolar Age (CD / Aloud Music)






PELUZE - !?. (CD / Aloud Music)






THE REAL mckenzies - 10,000 Shots (CD / Fat Wreck Chords)

The first full length record by The Real McKenzies "10,000 shots" is actually the very first album from these Scottish-Canadians that I here. Sure, there were compilation tracks here and there I picked up, but never a full record. I expected something in the vein of Folk Punk like the Dropkick Murphys and I hope I am not letting these guys down when I'm saying that this description proved to be true. "10,000 shots" offers cool singalong Folk Punk with bagpipes and stuff and pretty much rules. Among the majority of own songs are also some traditionals as it is common use in this scene I guess. As far as I can see The Real McKenzies feature three of the Gimme Gimmes among their ranks, Spike on backing vocals, Sean Sellers on drums and Fat McMichael (hehe) on bass. This is their fifth album and the first one on Fat Wreck Chords. Previous records came out on Honest Don's, and if you're into this kinda sound, "10,000 shots" is, well, a sure shot. (Stefan)


SCREAMIN' SILENCE / LAST DAY EVER -- Amicizia Famiglia Per Sempre (CD / Fuck This Recordings)

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