Reviews October 2005


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THE ABSENCE -  From Your Grave (CD / Metal Blade)

THE ABSENCE have been founded in 2001 and after a couple of line-up changes we now hold the debut full-length called  “From Your Grave” in our hands. The album offers some quite untypical style of Death Metal for a band from Florida . There aren´t any influences at all from bands like Morbid Angel, Obituary or Death or others that one might expect. Instead, THE ABSENCE adopted the Swedish Gothenburg style maybe comparable to early Dark Tranquillity. So expect some fine guitar harmonies and lots of guitar solos. THE ABSENCE deliver good work with “From Your Grave” and fortunately the riffing is not dull but I have to  admit that I´m missing some songs that stick to my ears. Most anthems in Swedish-styled Death Metal have already been written and unfortunately THE ABSENCE don´t manage to reach that level. Nonetheless “From Your Grave” is far from being a bad album and I think it´s highly recommended to give THE ABSENCE a chance. (Tobi)




AGAINST ME! - Searching For A Former Clarity (CD / Fat Wreck Chords)

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AINARA LEGARDON - Each Day A Lie (CD / Aloud Music)






BLOOMINGTON - Kill The Rock Stars We Were (CD / Aloud Music)






BOLT THROWER – Those Once Loyal (CD / Metal Blade)

You don´t really expect a bad review, don´t you? I mean, come on, this is the mighty BOLT THROWER, one of the most powerful and influential Death Metal bands. Some may say that one album is like the other. But I just can´t get enough of those crushing war anthems that in my eyes are pure genius.

It´s been four years since BOLT THROWER´s last album “Honour – Valour – Pride”. “Mercenary” was simply an outstanding album and after the shock of Karl Willets (again) leaving the band I was curious how ex-Benediction vocalist Dave Ingram was going to handle the job as Karl´s replacement. I think Dave delivered a decent performance although he never managed to offer the same charisma that Karl did. However, Dave quit the band in 2004 (I think) and I was delighted to hear that Karl Willets got back on board. These news made the wait for the new album even harder and with every day my expectations grew even higher. But now, finally, I have “Those Once Loyal” in my sweaty hands and I am glad to announce that this album is just the good old BOLT THROWER that I love. Nine (respectively ten on the limited version) new anthems of sheer brutality and power that still offer these unmistakable harmonies. Songs  like “Granite Stone” or the title track are among the best tracks that the band ever did. To put it short: Another must have from one of the best bands around. Fuck the haters! =)

Release dates: 11.11.2005 (Germany) and 14.11.2005 (Europe). (Tobi)



THE COALFIELD - Vamonos Locos (CD / Eat The Beat)

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ELLIOTT - Photorecording (CD + DVD / Revelation Records)

So this is it, the swansong of Elliott, one of the most influential bands when it comes to creating original, innovative and experimental music. Their album "False cathedrals" was a true masterpiece and my favourite album by these guys as it contained such beautiful odes just as "Drive onto me" or "Blessed by your own ghost". I often wonder how big this band could have been if their last studio record "Song in the air" would have been released by a major label. But as it is so often with great bands and records, Elliott released their albums on an indie label (of course one of the bigger indie labels, but still...) and eventually split up after a final European and US tour (and  had the great pleasure to catch those guys live during their "False cathedrals" tour and saw the very last European gig that took place in Karlsruhe, Germany), "Photorecording" is probably the last release of this band and it contains 14 songs, and seven of them were recorded live in the band's own studio in Louisville, Kentucky. Those songs comprise e.g. "Away we drift", "Blessed by your own ghost" and "Calm Americans", and there are also some alternate versions to well known songs or songs that didn't make it on to their regular albums, so I think for fans (but not only for them!) this is an essential compilation as it is not just an average best of release to make some easy money. On top of the whole thing you get a DVD that features impressions from their last tour, excerpts from their last show, interviews etc. The only thing that could have been better is the booklet which is quite extensive but features only pictures while the liner notes are rather short. But that really shouldn't keep you from getting this cool document of one of the finest bands in their time. (Stefan)



FROM MY CHEST - Seeking Vengeance (CD)

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LATTERMAN - Turn Up The Punk, We'll Be Singing (CD / Deep Elm)

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LIPSERVICE - Cardboard Robots (CD / One Take)






LO:MUESO - Next:Materia (CD / Aloud Music)






NERVOUS NELLIE - Don't Think, Feel (CD / Go-Kart Records)

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NOTHINK - Bipolar Age (CD / Aloud Music)






PATHS OF POSSESSION – Promises In Blood (CD / Metal Blade)

Let´s start with some namedropping: PATHS OF POSSESSION feature George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher on vocals and Richard Brunelle on guitar. Of course, you recognize Fisher´s vocals as soon as they set in but besides that “Promises In Blood” has nothing to do with Cannibal Corpse or Morbid Angel. Yes, PATHS OF POSSESSION are a Death Metal band, but their style is way more melodic than Fischer´s and Brunelle´s other/former bands. I´d say, this is just straight forward Old School Florida style Death Metal with a lot of groove. Unfortunately, the opener “Darklands” is the weakest song on the album (in my eyes) but from then on “Promises In Blood” gets better and better. Highlights for me are “Bring Me The Head Of Christ” and “The Icy Flow Of Death”. Short review for a great album. (Tobi)




PELUZE - !?. (CD / Aloud Music)






SCREAMIN' SILENCE / LAST DAY EVER -- Amicizia Famiglia Per Sempre (CD / Fuck This Recordings)

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SINCE THE FLOOD – Since The Flood (Metal Blade)

Some years ago, just after Hatebreed had released their “Satisfaction Is The Death Of Desire” album, Tough Guy Hardcore was something new and refreshing and exciting. Hatebreed led Hardcore to new extremes and to a new level of brutality. 5 years later their second album “Perseverance” finally saw the light of day and that started a Tough Guy boom that led to a flood of Moshcore bands. And I think that´s the whole problem: Every month dozens of Moshcore releases that offer the same Moshparts and the same pissed of vocals want to be bought. There are less and less bands that are exciting and show that there might be a way to get beyond the genre´s limitations. One of these bands is SINCE THE FLOOD. They don´t redefine the genre and they don´t really expand the limits of Moshcore. You still get the typical Moshparts , a pissed off singer and everything you might want from a Tough Guy band. But often it´s just a small gap between some generic and boring Moshing and the right treatment that makes you go nuts. And SINCE THE FLOOD are definitely on the right side of that gap. For sure their debut album is not my favourite record of the year but it is one of the very few Moshcore releases that I enjoy listening to. And believe me: That means a lot! (Tobi)




TEARS OF BLOOD - Kings Will Be Kings (CD / Aberrado Records)

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THE TWILIGHT TRANSMISSION - Dance Of Destruction (CD / Revelation Records)

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V/A - This Is Indie Rock Volume Three (CD / Deep Elm)

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