saves the day




Here’s a short interview with Saves The Day. The guys are currently working on their next full length that will be released on Vagrant Records sometime later this year. If you can’t wait hearing new stuff from these guys, check out their two fantastic new songs on the Vagrant Compilation ‘Another year on the streets.’ Until then, read what Bryan had to say…

Hey Stefan, what's going on. This is Bryan from Saves the Day. Everything's going just fine right now, just chilling out, listening to Common.

Let's talk a little bit about the new record: Tell me everything about it, when will it come out, how many songs will be on it, did you finish songwriting or are you still in progress, where will you record, who will produce it,...

I wish I could tell you more, but we're still way in the prelimenary stages of other words, not much else has been accomplished other than the songs actually being written. But as far as I can tell it should come out some time around May and it'll be out on Vagrant.

Is the line-up for this record the same as on the last one and have there been any line-up changes in the history of Saves The Day so far?

The line-up hasn't changed since we did the acoustic EP, but back in the day we had a much different line-up, up until we did ‘Can't Slow Down’. See the only people that have been in this band since the beginning are Chris and myself, we started this band in high school, and now it's like what, 3 years's weird. People sometimes get bummed that we don't play more older songs but back then it was a totally different band, 100%.

What can you tell me about the new songs, how do they sound like? Can you give me some titles yet?

I can't say too much about the new stuff, but it's definitely got a different vibe than our previous records. But fuck, it's still gonna rock and it'll still be Saves the Day... Song titles? We're still working out titles but one that I think will stick is ‘Navigating Your Own Course Through Hell’'s about some old friends of ours.

Why did you change labels from Equal Vision to Vagrant? How is your relationship to the Equal Vision guys today and what do you think about your time on Equal Vision in retrospect?

First of all, let me say that Equal Vision picked us up when all we had out was a demo and took a giant risk with us, and we are all completely grateful for that and always will be. That said, we just felt that we had outgrown the limits of what the label could offer and we wanted to go the next step, but we weren't quite ready for the whole major label thing, so Vagrant approached us and everything pretty much fell into place. As far as our relationship with EVR, we're still friends and we talk to them all the time, I mean they're still selling our last two LPs.

That’s all for the moment from Saves The Day, as I said, they are quite busy at this time of year, but I bet there will be a much longer interview in the near future on this site. Keep your eyes open.