Moshcore is getting more and more predictable and boring. So I was pretty surprised when I got the promo for the first SINCE THE FLOOD album and got knocked down. When you least expect it.... Anyway, I wanted to talk with the band about the album and other stuff, but unfortunately I got a not very overwhelming response to that. The disadvantages of E-Mail-interviews. But judge for yourself.

First off: Your debut album is one of the very few Moshcore releases this year that I really enjoy listening to. In my opinion there are too many Hatebreed wannabes that led to stagnation and growing boredom. And I´m sorry to say that. But it´s a good thing that obviously it´s still possible to release an outstanding Tough-Guy album. Congratulations for that.

Thanks. (Ok, I see what you mean with "not very overwhelming response, Tobi... - Stefan)

Your debut album has been just re-released from Metal Blade Records. What made the re-release necessary?

We needed it to reach more people and Metalblade has great distribution and a great group of people working to push it.

I guess, since the initial release of the album on Ironclad Records you´ve been working on new songs. What can you say about the new songs? Will there be any major differences to the old stuff?

No major differences, I think we’ve been together long enough to establish our own sound, now its just a matter of us pushing ourselves to make it harder and faster.

As far as I know you´re the only real Hardcore band on Metal Blade besides Born From Pain. With Hardcore bands getting signed by bigger labels, do you think that Hardcore´s on the rise?

Judging by the quality of new hardcore bands out right now it has no choice but to.

Does Hardcore belong on the streets?

I don’t think that anyone has the right to tell anyone what to listen to. From where I stand there’s only two types of music; good and bad.

Hardcore was always supposed to be a political scene. In recent years it seemed that other things like fashion became important for some kids and the scene got more violent. What does Hardcore mean to you?

Hardcore to me is in your heart. Its not the music you listen to as much as how you live. I could care less what someone looks like or how they dress as long as I get the same amount of respect that I give we’re ok.

What are your lyrics about?

My lyrics are based on my life, ups and downs.

What role does image play in what is called Tough-Guy Hardcore? It always seems like bands have to fight for their lives on the streets every day and they want to punch everyone in the face. And then when you meet some of the bands they´re just nice and ordinary kids that never did any harm.

A real tough guy doesn’t have anything to prove. (Probably the best answer I read this year... - Stefan)

What brought you into Hardcore at all?

I just progressed into it. I was always looking for the heaviest hardest music and when I was about 16 a friend gave me a Blood for blood cassette and that was it.

Can you remember your first show with SINCE THE FLOOD?

Yeah, it was horrible. We had about five songs and I had only written lyrics to four of them. So I had to improvise.

You´re going on a European tour with Madball. Have you ever been to Europe before and what do you expect from this trip?

I’ve never been and don’t really know what to expect. Our friends in Death before Dishonour were just there with Agnostic Front and told us that it was one of the best experiences they’ve ever had so we’re looking forward to it.

In the U.S. kids always laugh about the European scene even though it´s obvious they don’t know anything about what´s going on in countries like The Netherlands or Belgium . Why is that?

I really can’t say. All I know about the European scene is what we hear from friends in bands who have toured there. All the feedback that we get is amazing and we are excited to go there and experience it for ourselves.

Madball got back together in 2004 after a 4-years break. This year saw a lot of reunions that I guess no one had expected. Bold got back together, Insted played a European tour, just to name two bands. Can you imagine why this flood of reunions happened this year?

The way music is progressing is bringing out kids that want to hear the heaviest and hardest bands. I can only imagine that’s what would bring these bands back to the forefront. (For me that's no explanation at all - Stefan)

I´ve got the impression that Moshcore or Tough-Guy Hardcore is stagnating. There are hardly any exciting and refreshing new bands because everyone´s playing the same Mosh-riff over and over again. And often it´s just a small gap between boredom and excitement. Do you agree? Are there any developments you expect in the near future?

I agree that style of music has become very predictable and like you put it boring. I’ve already started to see newer bands that are regressing to sound like the older classic hardcore bands, which is a good thing.

Okay, that´s it! Thank you very much for your time!

Thank you, Chuck B.