Stuttgart (Germany), October 16th 2000, Röhre


I saw Snapcase already on their last trip through Europe, and this gig was so fantastic, because these guys are so energetic on stage. Therefore I didn’t hesitate going to this show, that was in a different club than the last show where I saw them. This one was bigger, and I guess about 450 to 500 people showed up. Support act that night was Avail. From the first song they played the audience went crazy, at least those guys standing immediately in front of the stage. And Avail were good, really really good. They worked hard on stage and the songs were very powerful. A cool mixture of pink and quite fast hardcore stuff, I wonder if the usual Fat Wreck fan likes them, because they sound quite similar to bands such as Lagwagon or Good Riddance…

After a short break the lights went out again and after a cool intro Snapcase entered the stage. And once again the five guys proved to be one of the best live acts in the hardcore genre out there. They played a great mixture of both new and old stuff, and when they did ‘Caboose’, probably my favourite song from this band, I went totally mad. They were so tight on stage and the sound was good, too. One time Daryl said that when they were in Europe for the first time a couple of years ago with Sick of it All, they played exactly this club, and then he announced the next song, the classic ‘Incarnation.’ I don’t know how many songs they played in total, but they could have played more song than just one encore. But that was the only slight ‘negative’ thing about this great show.


(Stefan Münch)