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Thomas van Norden (Interview): "Also zum ersten mal auf einer Bühne gestanden habe ich im Alter von 13 Jahren mit einer Deutschpunkband namens „Chaos Ratten“. Das war 1993 und ich habe mir ein Schlagzeug zu Weihnachten schenken lassen, damit ich in dieser Band sein konnte. Wir wussten genau wogegen wir waren: Bullen, Faschos, Spießer, Bonzen, den Staat...aber nicht so genau, wofür. Obwohl, ich glaube, wir waren für Anarchie und für Saufen usw." (Thomas van Norden) read more

Bolt Thrower (Interview): "Yeah, those 20 years have sure gone fast! We always knew it was about survival in this business, we never initially aspired to be a certain size or last a certain amount of time. We just said we’d continue to do what we do without compromising for as long as we still enjoyed it and other people enjoyed it. Luckily we’re still here and still enjoying it, so we feel very fortunate." (Jo Bench / Bolt Thrower) read more

Since The Flood: "A real tough guy doesn’t have anything to prove." (Chuck / Since The Flood) read more

Symbiontic (Interview): "Our dreams? To get as far as even possible with the band and to join stage with the Death-Metal heroes, haha. And to record better albums, I think our masterpiece is still to come."(Torsten/Symbiontic) read more

The Black Dahlia Murder (Interview): "For a long time I felt like we needed to fight for the title of “Death Metal”.  I mean, I consider us a death metal band.  The Haunted, for example, has just as much HC influence (aka very little) as we do, and just because the way we look, we are labelled as metalcore.  I personally don’t see it.  When you listen to our records, you'll hear Carcass, In Flames, At The Gates, Morbid Angel, etc.  We are completely influenced by metal bands." (Trevor / The Black Dahlia Murder) read more

The Red Chord (Interview): "Reflections share a common ethic and understanding with us since they come from very similar origins. They couldn't necessarily afford to give us a ton of money to record or ship a shitload of albums, but they give everything their all and I can't even begin to explain how much I appreciate everything they've done with us. Metal Blade was a logical step to help us progress as a band. We're very happy to be working with them." read more

Zero Mentality (Interview): "I don't know, in Germany Metalcore is getting bigger and bigger as well, I don't think that "hype" is over yet. Way too many bands that all sound the same though...But yes, there's more and more "Classic hardcore" bands, some are really good, some aren't. I don't see no reason for any of those hypes but it seems that this is what hardcore's all about for some kids. You see them come and go, so there's no need to argue about that anymore. At least that's what I learned... (Dominik / Zero Mentality) read more

Driving the Salt (Interview): "Headfirst was / is one of my favourite bands. Especially the first 7 inch is a classic. We were looking for a band name and I came up with the song title "driving the salt". It's on their album called "the enemy".  We thought it would sound good. The meaning also fits because it means to hurt someone that has open wounds and you extra hurt him by dropping salt inside! Kinda cruel, isn't it?" (Patrick / Driving the Salt) read more

ira (Interview): "We play all melodies and parts which are done with keyboard on the album with our guitars. And that means the songs are still long as fuck! We played three songs at the Krakfest and then our time was up, that was cool, because Toby announced the last song after we have played two. But the last song (disappear) took fifteen minutes and made up half of the set ;-)" (Andy of ira on playing live) read more

Days in Grief (Interview): "Joerg writes lyrics that often relate on politics, but he is always pretty careful not to preach his opinions. And writing about politics is also writing about life, about humanity and its destiny... I don’t think that Hardcore music needs to be political, but it’s a justifiable opinion to say that it has to be political, when you think of where this music has its origin." (Sebastian / Days in Grief) read more

Born From Pain (Interview): "Over my years of involvement in hardcore I’ve seen a lot of trends come and go. But with Born From Pain we always survived any trend. For some reason trends never had affected us as a band." (Ché / Born From Pain) read more

The Red Death (Interview): "All of us in the band have our roots in the hardcore scene but love so many other types of music and consider it all to be an influence on how we play.  So I guess to all the other ‘true’ metalheads out there we just aren’t good enough for them to like because we have hardcore records in our collections… Sorry, guys." (Graham / The Red Death) read more

The First Step (Interview): "I love reunions. Those Insted shows were some of the best I’ve ever been to. I can see where people question the motives for it and I do to sometimes but I support people playing the music and singing the words they wrote before I just think a lot of the people that talk shit on reunions are in no place to judge what people in older bands are feeling and don’t even try to think how they would feel." (Stephen St. Germain / The First Step) read more

Neaera (Interview): "Wir hatten mal in Innsbruck ne wirklich vorbildliche Show, bei der sowohl viele Metalheads als auch Metalcore-Kids anwesend waren. Das war wirklich der Hammer: Die Metalheads konnten die Matten schwingen und wenn die fertig waren präsentierten die Kids ihre Moves. Und so lief das die komplette Show hindurch." (Benny / Neaera) read more

Reconcile (Interview): "Some bands go to Brazil. But no one comes to Argentina anymore after the crisis we suffered in December 2001. Our economy deflated a 300% so it´s almost impossible for us to book a show for a "big" band a pay for their plane tickets and their cachet and everything. So no, no bands are playing in Buenos Aires. Before our crisis, really good bands came down here and we enjoyed it a lot, but those days are over." (Fedex / Reconcile) read more

Jupiter Jones (Interview): Finally Jupiter Jones have inked a deal with Go-Kart Records who put out the great first full length from this promising German band that can easily compete with international standards. Go check out this interview.

Andthewinneris (Interview): Those of you who think that "Emo" is evil, don't read this interview. Those of you who want to listen to some great tunes, listen to Andthewinneris. Those of you who want to know more about them, read this interview

Livewire Records (Interview): "I think people who are naturally propelled towards good music will inevitably uncover and find new and interesting takes on the whole experience. I know Morrissey and The Smiths hold a lot of weight for everyone at LWR. Stephen TFS even has a Morrissey tattoo! Whether it was a love of music, some hard times we fell upon, or a simple recommendation, we all found Moz/Smiths unsurpassable in terms of their influence, endless creativity and emotional connection." (Peter Russo / Livewire Records) read more

Martyr AD (Interview): "the reaction to the record has been amazing. it's better than we expected. we were a little nervous considering its been a few years since our last record came out." (Tara / Martyr AD) (read more)

Maybe you wonder why there are not so many interviews posted in the last time. Well, let me tell you that I am waiting for about seven or eight interviews, some of them I sent out months ago! I can only try to remind the labels/bands that it would be cool if they'd come up with the interviews asap, but in some cases that doesn't seem to help much. Well, apparently some of them don't need the support of a small zine like this which I personally find very sad. But ok, maybe someday these interviews will come in anyway. You'll be the first to know. (Stefan, October 9, 2004).