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April 9

Small Arms Dealer - A single unifying theory (Review)

NOFX - Never trust a hippy (Review)

Rifu - Bomby for food... (Review)

Massive Assault - Conflict EP (Review)

Fightstar - They liked you better when... (Review)

Cinder - Two years of rip offs and circle pits (Review)

Cinder - Breakin' the ice (Review)

I Farm - IV (Review)


January 3

Thomas van Norden (Interview)


October 16

Bolt Thrower (Interview)

Elliott - Photorecording (Review)

Bolt Thrower - Those once loyal (Review)

The Absence - From the grave (Review)

Since The Flood (Interview)

Since The Flood - s/t (Review)

Paths of Possession - Promises in blood (Review)


September 12

Symbiontic (Interview)

In Blackest Velvet - Insuisight (Review)

The Real McKenzies - 10,000 shots (Review)

Desert City Soundtrack - Perfect addiction (Review)

Curl Up And Die - The one above all... (Review)

Nme.Mine - Life without water (Review)

Estate - Arson architecture (Review)

Dead Poets Alive - Feelings overboard (Review)

Dryrot - Godseyze (Review)


August 15

The Black Dahlia Murder (Interview)


August 14

The Black Dahlia Murder - Miasma (Review)

The Soviettes - LP III (Review)

V/A - Generations - A Hardcore Compilation (Review)

Latterman - No matter where we go (Review)

The Plane Is On Fire - s/t (Review)


July 18

The Red Chord (Interview)


July 11

Judge - What it meant - The complete discography (Review)

Bold - The search: 1985 - 1989 (Review)

Narziß - Ebenbilder+ (Review)

As I Lay Dying - Shadows are security (Review)

Symbiontic - Vaya (Review)

Dead Man's Hand - Demo 2005 (Review)

The Last Cause - Step ahead E.P. (Review)

V/A - The new crazy (Review)

V/A - Rock against Floyd (Review)


June 27

No Use for A Name - Keep them confused (Review)

The Universal Indicator - Grandstand of horror (Review)

The Anti-Doctrine - A worldwide elite... (Review)

Amora Savant - The immaculate misconception (Review)

Kogo - Combat school (Review)


June 20

Zero Mentality (Interview)

Driving the Salt (Interview)


June 13

Days in Grief (Interview)

ira - (Interview)


June 6

Days in Grief - Behind the curtain... (Review)

Driving the Salt / Static 84 - Split (Review)

Gorerotted - A new dawn for the dead (Review)

Union Youth - The boring years (Review)

Whitman - Anhedonia falling (Review)

Ira - The body and the soil (Review)

Kids Go Free - Dobra (Review)

Seanews -s/t (Review)

Own - The Nuremburg trials (Review)


May 18

Randy's Ripcord - Love (Review)

V/A - This is Indie Rock Volume 2 (Review)

Balatonizer - Occlused in ottusity (Review)

Broken Bones - Time for anger, not justice (Review)


April 24

Born From Pain (Interview)

The Red Death (Interview)

Born From Pain - In love with the end (Review)

The Red Chord - Clients (Review)

LOSA - The perfect moment (Review)

Six Feet Under - 13 (Review)

The Red Death - External frames of reference (Review)


March 29

Above this Fire - In perspective (Review)

Callejon - Chronos EP (Review)

Smoke or Fire - Review (Review)

Snuff - Six of one, half a dozen of the other (Review)

Eniac - All that's left of us (Review)

The Go Faster Nuns - Under neon light (Review)

Tears From The Sky - Power symbol (Review)

The Anthems - s/t (Review)

Dark Mass - Dark Mass Medium (Review)


March  21

Contest for Settlefish

Temper Temper -- s/t (Review)

Pitch Black -- This is the modern sound (Review)

Eleven Minutes Away -- Arson followed me home (Review)


March 15

The First Step (Interview)

Zero Mentality - In fear of forever (Review)

Neaera -- The rising tide of oblivion (Review)

Winter Solstice --The fall of Rome (Review)

Settlefish -- The plural of the choir (Review)

Astpai -- Feeling safe in programmed channels (Review)


March 1

Neaera (Interview)


February 20

Deep Elm Contest


February 13

Lagwagon -- Live in a dive (Review)

Blood Red Throne -- Altered Genesis (Review)

Grey Goose -- 'Til the medicine takes (Review)

Distance in Embrace -- The consequence of... (Review)

Boys Try Beheading -- ...someone call the dentist (Review)

V/A -- Leitwerk der... (Review)


February 2

Primordial -- The gathering wilderness (Review)

Scar Symmetry -- Symmetric by design (Review)

Into the Moat -- The design (Review)


February 1

Shai Hulud -- A comprehensive retrospective (Review)

The Promise -- Believer (Review)

Brahman -- A forlorn hope (Review)

Siamese -- Emergency brake (Review)

Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep? -- Adactapreface (Review)

Rise-Up -- Death inside (Review)

Broken Stars -- Starting with dreams... (Review)